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A selection of opinion pieces and editorials on congressional pay from The Washington Post.

No 'Back Door Pay Raise'
September 27, 1997
No pay raise or cost-of-living increase was subjected to a vote in the Treasury bill because the Ethics Reform Act was designed to eliminate the obvious conflict of interest of having Congress vote on its own pay. – Vic Fazio

A Congressional Pay Raise
September 24, 1997
Tiptoeing around the issue of congressional pay raises is nothing new for the House. It's a hard vote that few members want to cast out in the open if they can help it. – Editorial

A Congressional Raise – for Term Limits
June 12, 1997
Congress has sullenly and grumpily denied itself a pay raise every year since 1994. They should receive a pay increase when, but not a minute before, they vote to send a term-limits constitutional amendment to the states. – George F. Will

The Pay Raise Game
November 7, 1989
The president and congressional leaders continue to play a game of hot potato with what ought to be the simple question of who pays Congress: the public through the Treasury or the interest groups? – Editorial

Congress Needs a Pay Raise
October 31, 1989
Members of Congress need a pay raise. A sensible plan to give them a pay increase is to be put before the House, and for the sake of both the quality and the independence of government, it ought to pass. – Editorial

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