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President Clinton chews a cigar and bangs on a drum in his Senegal hotel room after the Jones case was dismissed April 1. (AP)
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Key Stories

Key Post stories on Paula Corbin Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton. The most recent stories are listed first. For full coverage since January, see the Clinton Accused News Archives. Highlights on this page include:

Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit
Paula Jones Vows to Appeal
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit
Detailed Report of Clinton's Deposition
Clinton's Denial of the Allegations
Supreme Court Rules For Jones

Clinton Payment Ends Jones Suit
January 13, 1999
President Clinton sent an $850,000 check to Paula Jones, financed nearly half the settlement with his own money.

Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit for $850,000
November 14, 1998
President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit that led to the worst political crisis of his career.

Court Hears Paula Jones Appeal
October 21, 1998
A federal appeals court struggled to determine whether President Clinton's alleged proposition of Paula Jones seven years ago was offensive enough to justify a sexual harassment trial.

Clinton Rejects $2 Million Jones Proposal
October 19, 1998
President Clinton rejected a $2 million settlement proposal by Paula Jones, leaving her lawyers scrambling to put together another offer in hopes of heading off a courtroom clash between the two sides.

Jones Lawyers Propose $2 Million Settlement
October 18, 1998
Lawyers for Paula Jones formally presented a $2 million settlement proposal to President Clinton's legal team.

As Lawyers Fight for Pay, Jones Is Set to Request $2 Million to Settle
October 17, 1998
Paula Jones is poised to make a $2 million proposal to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton.

A Rich Man's Simple $1 Million Plan
October 9, 1998
Abe Hirschfeld, a rich man who never finished sixth grade, believes in simple solutions – like a million-dollar offer for Paula Jones to drop her case.

President's Lawyers Up Jones Settlement Offer
October 2, 1998
President Clinton's lawyers have increased their offer to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit.

Clinton Lawyers Seek Jones Settlement
September 25, 1998
President Clinton's lawyers are quietly exploring a financial settlement with Paula Jones so that she would withdraw her pending appeal and finally end the long-running legal battle that led to the crisis now threatening his presidency.

Jones Case Judge May Cite Clinton
September 2, 1998
The federal judge who presided over the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit raised the prospect that she might hold President Clinton in contempt of court because of apparently misleading answers he gave about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky during a deposition in the Jones case.

Jones Lawyers Stressed Marketability of Affidavit
June 12, 1998
New documents show the Paula Jones legal team once considered selling her description of President Clinton's "distinguishing characteristics."

Jones's Lawyers Squabble Over Fees
May 27, 1998
While Paula Jones tries to persuade a federal appeals court to reinstate her sexual harassment suit against President Clinton, her past and present attorneys are squabbling over legal fees.

Keeping Up With Jones
April 27, 1998
Amid the crowded confluence of Hollywood and Washington that took place Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner, the most wanted star was Paula Jones.

NOW Won't Back Jones
April 23, 1998
The National Organization for Women announced today it would stay out of Paula Jones's appeal in her sexual harassment case against President Clinton, citing overwhelming opposition from its members nationwide.

Paula Jones Vows to Appeal Clinton Case
April 17, 1998
A teary Paula Jones, barely able to compose herself, announced that she will appeal a federal judge's ruling that her sexual harassment case against President Clinton has no merit.

Exiting Center Stage, Jones Weighs Appeal
April 12, 1998
Paula Jones's center-stage spotlight is fading out as she decides whether to appeal a judge's decision to throw out her sexual misconduct lawsuit against President Clinton.

Judge Dismisses Jones v. Clinton Lawsuit
April 2, 1998
A federal judge threw out Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton yesterday, abruptly calling off an often unseemly four-year legal struggle.

Analysis: Clinton Wins, but Damage Is Done
April 2, 1998
The dismissal of the Paula Jones lawsuit gave President Clinton a clear-cut legal victory over his opponents. Still, the case has damaged Clinton and has made an indelible mark on the U.S. political system.

Jones Papers to Detail Hunt for Alleged Affairs
March 13, 1998
Investigators for Paula Jones's legal team have spent five months tracking down shadows from Bill Clinton's past, trying to match women's names and accounts to rumors that have dogged him since his Arkansas days.

Journalist Apologizes for 'Troopergate' Story
March 10, 1998
David Brock, the conservative reporter who conducted the first major excavation of President Clinton's personal life, now says he dug the dirt for ideological reasons. And he said he believes his sources exaggerated the details.

In Deposition, Clinton Denied Initiating Lewinsky Aid
March 5, 1998
President Clinton said that Monica S. Lewinsky gave him personal gifts and visited his office, according to an account of his deposition in the Paula Jones case. But he denied leading efforts to find Lewinsky a job.

Jones's Fund Hasn't Paid Lawyers
February 28, 1998
Paula Jones hired a firm to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton, but her current lawyers haven't received any of the money.

Clinton Team Picks Apart Jones's Life
February 23, 1998
Piece by piece, President Clinton's top-dollar legal team has taken apart the life of Paula Jones, examining topics from her job history to her possible sex partners.


Jones Added New Details in Deposition
February 21, 1998
In a sealed deposition last fall, Paula Jones added new details to her account of being propositioned by then-Gov. Bill Clinton in 1991, including an assertion that he briefly prevented her from leaving the hotel suite where they met, according to new court records. Excerpts.

Clinton Asks Court to Dismiss Jones Suit
February 18, 1998
President Clinton's lawyers maintained that Paula Jones had not demonstrated that he retaliated against her for rebuffing a sexual advance, assuming for the sake of argument that the advance happened. Text of Motion.

Linda Tripp Briefed Jones Team on Tapes
February 14, 1998
Linda Tripp met with a lawyer for Paula Jones the day before President Clinton gave his deposition in the case.

Paula Jones Takes a Bolder, Riskier Tack
February 8, 1998
Lawyers for Paula Corbin Jones have transformed her sexual harassment suit into a complex sequence of allegations that will portray President Clinton as a sexual predator who uses his official powers to coerce women.

Tripp Gave Statement to Jones Lawyers
February 6, 1998
Linda R. Tripp provided Paula Jones's lawyers with a sworn statement last month testifying that Monica Lewinsky told her on "innumerable occasions" of a long-running affair with President Clinton and played for Tripp "at least three tapes" containing Clinton's voice.

Mysterious Ties Between Jones, Lewinsky
January 31, 1998
Odd circumstances link Paula Jones's sexual harassment suit and the Lewinsky scandal. They raise a question: Has there been collusion between Jones's advocates and those with knowledge of Lewinsky's claims?

Lewinsky Evidence Ruled Out of Jones Case
January 30, 1998
A federal judge excluded all evidence relating to former White House aide Monica S. Lewinsky from the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton in order not to disrupt independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's investigation into possible perjury, obstruction of justice and other allegations tied to the White House.

The Verdict on Bob Bennett
January 28, 1998
Detractors argue that missteps by Clinton lawyer Robert S. Bennett have turned the Paula Jones case into a crippling distraction, leading to allegations of an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie
January 21, 1998
Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr has expanded his investigation of President Clinton to examine whether Clinton and his close friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. encouraged a 24-year-old former White House intern to lie to lawyers for Paula Jones about whether the intern had an affair with the president.

Judge to Decide Scope of Clinton Inquiry
January 19, 1998
With the pretrial evidence-gathering phase wrapping up this month, attorneys on both sides are preparing arguments over whether tales of Clinton's past should be revealed to jurors – and, by extension, to the American public.

The President Faces His Accuser
January 18, 1998
With Paula Jones staring him in the face, President Clinton testified for most of the day about the sexual harassment allegations that have generated one of the nation's most celebrated legal battles and the spectacle of a commander-in-chief forced to explain his conduct with women.

On the Case for Paula Jones
January 17, 1998
Clinton's defenders have been painting John Whitehead and his Rutherford Institute as far-right Clinton bashers with a political agenda. Whitehead sees himself as a dogmatic Christian, antiabortion, anti-death penalty, pro-affirmative action, creationist, pro-home-schooling, slightly long-haired 52-year-old moderate.

Paula Jones's About Face
January 16, 1998
It is one of the most jaw-dropping public make-overs ever. Litigant Paula Jones, President Clinton's tireless accuser, has been transformed.

U.S. Probes Whether Political Retaliation Is Behind IRS Audit of Paula Jones
January 16, 1998
Federal authorities are investigating whether an IRS audit of Paula Jones resulted from political retaliation on behalf of President Clinton, who is scheduled to be confronted by his accuser as she watches her attorneys question him under oath.

Paula Jones Allowed to Narrow Suit
November 25, 1997
A federal judge allowed Paula Corbin Jones to amend her lawsuit against President Clinton by dropping defamation of character as a claim while proceeding with her allegation of sexual harassment.

Clinton's Attorney Denies Jones's Claim of 'Distinguishing Characteristics'
October 8, 1997
President Clinton's attorney denied that the president has the sort of "distinguishing characteristics" that Paula Corbin Jones described seeing on his body, and another lawyer in the case prepared to turn the tables by investigating Jones's past sex life.

Paula Jones Says She Felt Stalked by State Police
September 27, 1997
Paula Corbin Jones alleged in court papers that she was the victim of "stalking" by Arkansas law enforcement agents after rebuffing what she has described as a crude proposition by then-Gov. Bill Clinton in 1991.

White House Denies Jones Was Targeted for Audit
September 16, 1997
The White House denied yesterday that it had Paula Corbin Jones singled out for an IRS audit, calling the idea "certifiably crazy."

IRS Audit of Paula Jones Is 'Harassment,' Adviser Says
September 15, 1997
The Internal Revenue Service has decided to audit the income tax returns of Paula Corbin Jones, who is suing President Clinton on charges of sexual misconduct, the chairman of Jones's legal defense fund said yesterday.

President's Insurance Backing Out, Making Jones Settlement Unlikely
September 10, 1997
An out-of-court financial settlement in Paula Corbin Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit is increasingly unlikely because the insurance companies that have paid President Clinton's bills are pulling out of the case.

Paula Jones Lawyers Ask to Quit Case
September 9, 1997
The two lead attorneys representing Paula Corbin Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton have backed out of the case. According to people close to the case, Jones rejected a possible $700,000 settlement presented to her by her lawyers because it did not include a full apology from the president.

Lawyers for Paula Jones Trying to Prove Pattern by President
August 1, 1997
Lawyers for Paula Corbin Jones have issued a dozen subpoenas to individuals and Arkansas state government offices as part of an attempt to demonstrate that President Clinton's alleged actions toward Jones were part of a pattern of inappropriate behavior involving women.


An Antiabortion Activist Makes Herself the Unofficial Mouthpiece for Paula Jones
July 23, 1997
Susan Carpenter-McMillan made her name as an opponent of abortion, an advocate of chemical castration and an evangelist of something she calls "conservative feminism." Now she's climbed onto the national stage as the self-styled spokeswoman for Paula Corbin Jones.

Clinton Lawyers Want Copy of Jones Affidavit
July 9, 1997
After more than three years, President Clinton's lawyers in the Paula Corbin Jones case are finally asking the question that has perplexed much of the country since the beginning: What "distinguishing characteristics" does she claim to have seen on the president's body?

Clinton 'Adamantly' Denies Jones Allegations
July 4, 1997
In his first formal response to allegations of sexual harassment, President Clinton "adamantly" denied propositioning Paula Corbin Jones in a Little Rock hotel room.

Starr Probes Clinton Personal Life
June 25, 1997
FBI agents and prosecutors working for independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's Whitewater investigation have questioned Arkansas state troopers in recent months about their knowledge of any extramarital relationships Bill Clinton may have had while he was Arkansas governor, according to two of the troopers questioned and sources close to the investigation.

Clinton Lawyer Backpedals on Jones
June 5, 1997
President Clinton's lawyer disavowed any plans to attack Paula Corbin Jones's past sex life as part of his strategy to defend against her allegations of sexual harassment. He said earlier comments were misinterpreted.

Clinton Lawyer Suggests Way to Settle Jones Case
June 2, 1997
President Clinton's attorney offered to settle Paula Corbin Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit with a $700,000 payment to charity, but insisted the president would not apologize or admit propositioning her in an Arkansas hotel room.

News Analysis: The Jones Decision Has a Watergate Precedent
June 1, 1997
The underlying message is one that ratifies a fundamental premise of American democracy: Despite the president's extraordinary responsibility, he is ultimately an ordinary citizen.

Trial Judge in Jones Case, a Republican Appointee, Has Long Known Clinton
May 29, 1997
The judge presiding over the Paula Corbin Jones lawsuit has known Bill Clinton for decades, but there is little in that long history to predict how she will handle the potentially explosive case against the president if it comes to trial.

Lawsuit Against Clinton Can Proceed, Court Says
May 28, 1997
A unanimous Supreme Court ruled that Paula Corbin Jones can move forward with her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. The court's forceful decision rejected Clinton's argument that sitting presidents should have legal immunity from allegations involving their personal conduct.

Decision Shifts Public's Focus to Issues of Clinton Character
May 28, 1997
The Supreme Court's ruling that Paula Corbin Jones can pursue her sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton while he is still in office keeps questions about the president's character percolating in the public arena.

In Jones-Clinton Case, Silence of the Sisterhood Stirs Charges of Hypocrisy
January 14, 1997
The relative silence of national women's organizations in the Jones-Clinton episode has reopened a debate about whether partisan politics has clouded the judgments of women's organizations.

At High Court, Clinton v. Jones Raises Historic Issues
January 12, 1997
Clinton argues that to allow the case to go forward while he is in office would undermine the institution of the presidency.

White House Memo Asserts a Scandal Theory
January 10, 1997
A 1995 memo by a White House staffer describes a "media food chain" that leads from the "right-wing conspiracy industry" to the mainstream press. Is the Paula Corbin Jones story a case in point?

Clinton Offered to Settle Lawsuit
October 2, 1994
In a settlement offer in the Paula Corbin Jones sexual harassment case, President Clinton conceded that he may have met the woman in a hotel room and said he regretted "untrue assertions" made about her.

State Trooper Rebuts Jones's Sex Allegations
June 11, 1994
Arkansas state trooper Danny Ferguson disputed key allegations in Paula Corbin Jones's lawsuit against President Clinton, saying in court documents that Jones had praised Clinton as sexy, volunteered her phone number and offered to be his girlfriend.

Paula Jones and a House Divided
June 9, 1994
Paula Corbin Jones's sister maintains that Jones was tickled, not traumatized, by the encounter with the future president. The Corbin family has split into the same good vs. bad, no-subtlety-in-the-telling camps that have added to the burlesque of Jones's life.

President Denies Any Wrongdoing
December 23, 1993
President Clinton responded to allegations that he used his security detail while governor of Arkansas to facilitate extramarital affairs by saying he "did not do anything wrong."

First Lady Lashes Out at Allegations
December 22, 1993
Hillary Rodham Clinton said stories accusing President Clinton of using Arkansas state troopers to facilitate extramarital affairs were a politically motivated effort.

Clinton Tried to Derail Troopers' Sex Allegations
December 21, 1993
President Clinton and other administration officials engaged in an extensive effort to prevent publication of allegations that Clinton as governor of Arkansas used his security detail to facilitate extramarital affairs.

Clinton Concedes Marital 'Wrongdoing'
January 27, 1992
Attempting to shield his presidential candidacy from allegations of marital infidelity, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton asked the American people to set aside questions about what he called "wrongdoing" in his marriage.

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