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Oct. 19 Document Release | Wright's Sept. 1 Order | Jones's July 31 Appeal
Letters from Jones's Lawyers | Judge Wright's April 1 Ruling
Jones March 31 Filings | Clinton March 30 Filings | Jones March 28 Filings
Clinton March 20 Filings | Jones March 13 Filings | Clinton Feb. 17 Filings
Complaint and Responses | Discovery Requests

Some of the language in these documents is sexually explicit.

October 19 Document Release

Unsealed Documents from Jones v. Clinton
Full text of the documents unsealed Oct. 19 by Judge Susan Webber Wright.

Judge Wright's September 1 Order

Memorandum and Order
Full text of Judge Susan Webber Wright's order on the unsealing of documents in the Jones case. Includes an expression of "concern" about President Clinton's statements about Monica Lewinsky.

Jones's July 31 Appeal

Appeal to 8th Circuit
Full text of Paula Jones's July 31 appeal of the dismissal of her lawsuit, prepared for the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis.

Letters from Jones's Lawyers

Letters from Jones's Lawyers
Full text of two August 1997 letters to Paula Jones from her first two lawyers, Joseph Cammarata and Gilbert K. Davis, in which the lawyers advise Jones to settle her sexual harassment suit with President Clinton. The letters were unsealed June 11, 1998.

Judge Wright's April 1 Ruling

Full Text of the Ruling
Full text of Judge Wright's opinion throwing out the Jones v. Clinton lawsuit. "There are no genuine issues for trial in this case," she wrote. (Also available as a 3 megabyte PDF file requiring the Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Reader.)

Excerpts from the Ruling

The One-Page Order

Jones March 31 Filings

Petition to Reintroduce Lewinsky Evidence
Full text of the Jones legal team's March 31 petition asking the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to allow them to restore evidence related to Monica S. Lewinsky to their case – and delay their May trial date if necessary.

Clinton March 30 Filings

Further Support of Motion to Strike
Full text of the Clinton legal team's response to the March 28 filing in which the Jones team reported an unsubstantiated hearsay claim that a woman, who they named, had been raped by Clinton 20 years ago.

Affidavit of Jane Doe #5
Full text of a Jan. 2 affidavit from the woman named by the Jones legal team as having been raped by Bill Clinton 20 years ago. In the affidavit, the woman says allegations of unwelcome sexual advances are untrue.

Campbell Letter About Jane Does
Full text of a letter submitted by Paula Jones's legal team on March 12, agreeing to protect the identity of certain women by identifying them only as "Jane Doe" in future filings.

Jones March 28 Filings

Jones's Response to Clinton's Motion to Strike Materials
Full text of the Jones legal team's response to the March 20 motion filed by President Clinton's lawyers asking that all testimony about Clinton's alleged sexual escapades with other women be thrown out of the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

Clinton's Response to Request for Documents Related to Willey
An excerpt from President Clinton's Jan. 15 responses to a series of document requests from the Paula Jones legal team. It was released by the Jones legal team on March 28 as evidence of a White House cover up.

The Yoakum Letter
Full text of a letter purportedly written in 1992 by Phillip Yaokum to a woman in which he outlines what he says she told him about being raped by Bill Clinton 14 years earlier.

Clinton March 20 Filings

Motion to Strike Materials
Full text of a motion filed on March 20 by President Clinton's lawyers, asking that all testimony about Clinton's alleged sexual escapades with other women be thrown out of the Jones lawsuit.

Further Support for Motion for Summary Judgment
Full text of the reply in support of the motion for summary judgment filed by President Clinton's lawyers. It argues that the Jones legal filings, with their "immaterial, scurrilous exhibits," are "nothing more than a smoke screen."

Excerpt from Kathleen Willey Cross-Examination
The portion of Kathleen E. Willey's deposition released on March 20 by Clinton lawyer Robert S. Bennett. In it, Willey said Clinton neither threatened her nor offered her favors for sex.


Steele March 18 Release

Affidavit of Julie Hiatt Steele
Steele, a friend of Kathleen E. Willey's, says Willey asked her to lie to a Newsweek reporter about an alleged sexual advance by President Clinton that she had never heard about before.

Jones March 13 Filings

President Clinton's Deposition
Full text of those portions of President Clinton's Jan. 17 deposition that have been made public. Clinton denies sexual relations with Kathleen Willey, Monica S. Lewinsky and others. Highlights are also available.

The Lewinsky Affidavit
Full text of Monica S. Lewinsky's affidavit, signed on Jan. 7, 1998, and submitted to lawyers for Paula Jones on Jan. 16. In it, she denies having a sexual relationship with President Clinton.

Excerpts of Kathleen Willey Deposition
Excerpts of Kathleen Willey's January deposition to Paula Jones's lawyers. Willey testified under oath that Clinton made a sexual advance to her when she went to see him on Nov. 29, 1993, and put her hands on his aroused genitals.

Excerpts of L.D. Brown's Deposition
In his Nov. 10, 1997 deposition, former Arkansas State Trooper said that he solicited new sexual partners for Clinton over a hundred times.

Excerpts of Danny Ferguson's Deposition
In his Dec. 10, 1997 deposition, President Clinton's co-defendant described his version of the events at the Excelsior Hotel, and a series of early-morning rendezvous between Clinton and Marilyn Jo Jenkins.

Excerpts of Roger Perry's Deposition
Former Arkansas State Trooper Roger Perry's deposition was held Nov. 11, 1997. Perry described approaching women on behalf of Clinton, and related several conversations with the then-governor.

Motion Opposing Summary Judgment
Text of the motion filed on March 13 by Paula Jones's lawyers in opposition to the Clinton legal team's Feb. 17 motion for summary judgment.

Declaration of Dolly Kyle Browning
Full text of Dolly Kyle Browning's declaration, executed on March 6, 1998. In it, Browning says she had sexual relations with Clinton many times from the mid-1970s until January 1992.

Declaration of Gennifer G. Flowers
Full text of Gennifer G. Flowers's declaration, executed on March 12, 1998. In it, Flowers says she had a sexual relationship with Clinton that started in 1977 and lasted 12 years.

Declaration of Paula Jones
Full text of Paula Jones's declaration of March 11, 1998. In it, she says Clinton's actions "caused me severe embarrassment, humiliation, grief, shame, anxiety, and fear."


Recent Filings by the Clinton Legal Team

Excerpts of Paula Jones's Deposition
Full text of the excerpts from last fall's deposition of Paula Jones made public by President Clinton's lawyers.

Motion for Summary Judgment
Full text text of the motion for summary judgment filed by President Clinton's lawyers on Feb. 17.

Complaint and Responses

Text of Paula Corbin Jones's Complaint
Full text of the original, 20-page complaint filed by Paula Corbin Jones in Little Rock Court in May 1994 against President Bill Clinton and Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson.

Text of Danny Ferguson's Response
Full text of the seven-page response filed by Ferguson in October 1994.

Full Text of President Clinton's Response
Full text of the point-by-point rebuttal filed by President Clinton on July 3, 1997.

Discovery Requests

Requests for information from President Clinton filed by Paula Corbin Jones's new lawyers.

Questions for Clinton, Oct. 1, 1997
Among the information requested: The name of any doctor who has performed a medical procedure on Clinton's genitalia, the name of any individual with whom he has had sexual relations while holding elected office, and the name of every female he has kissed in a private meeting.

Request for Records from Clinton, Oct. 1, 1997
Among the information requested: Records of any medical procedure on Clinton's genitalia and any videotape on which Paula Jones appears.

Request for Admissions from Clinton, Oct. 8, 1997

Questions for Clinton, Oct. 13, 1997

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