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Key Players
Key player profiles from's Clinton Accused Special Report: Paula Jones, her attorney Donovan Campbell, her financial supporter John Whitehead and opposing counsel Robert Bennett.

Jones v. Clinton Legal Documents
From Full text of key documents, including Paula Corbin Jones's original complaint and Clinton's denial and motion for summary judgement.

Clinton v. Jones
From FindLaw Internet Legal Resources: Full text of the 1997 Supreme Court decision that no constitutional provision exists to protect an incumbent president from civil litigation while he is in office. Also see and hear the oral arguments from the Oyez Oyez Oyez Supreme Court database.

Burlington Industries v. Ellerth
From News and background about a 1998 Supreme Court case that could affect Paula Jones's appeal. Ellerth, like Jones, contends that when a boss implicitly threatens a job consequence, his advances are illegal.

Paula Jones Legal Fund
This site, run by an organization raising money to help pay Paula Jones's legal fees, includes a short biography of Jones and a photocopy of Clinton's proposed settlement statement.

Rutherford Institute
Based in Charlottesville, Va., the Rutherford Institute is helping finance Paula Jones's lawsuit.

NOW Statements and Articles on Jones v. Clinton
The National Organization for Women cautions Clinton against attacking Paula Jones's sexual history, but keeps its distance from Jones and her accusations.

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