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The following are links to major stories on Social Security from The Washington Post. The most recent stories are listed first. Highlights on this page include:

Archer's Last Stand: A Social Security Crusade
July 6, 1999
While many have written off any hope of progress this year, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer (R-Tex.) has waged a lonely but spirited campaign to put Social Security on firm fiscal ground.

GOP Loses Again in Social Security Filibuster
June 16, 1999
Republicans failed for a third time this year to break a Democratic filibuster against the most stringent version of GOP-drafted legislation to bar Congress from dipping into Social Security surpluses for spending increases or tax cuts.

House Backs 'Lockbox' for Retiree Fund
May 27, 1999
Without the customary prelude of hearings or committee votes, the House overwhelmingly approved a measure promising to protect the $1.8 trillion in surpluses expected from Social Security taxes over the next decade.

GOP Pledges 'Lock' on Social Security
May 23, 1999
Republicans are determined to end decades of raids on the Social Security trust fund by locking away the money under strict congressional control, Rep. James E. Rogan said in the party's weekly radio address.

Republicans to Outline Retirement Proposal
April 28, 1999
The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is pressing forward with a major proposal that would create personal retirement accounts for every working American.

Lott Expects No Action on Social Security
April 26, 1999
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) says Congress will not act this year to revitalize the Social Security system because President Clinton has failed to lead the way.

House GOP Dumps Social Security Reform
April 24, 1999
House Republican leaders have decided not to push on their own for a major overhaul of Social Security before the 2000 elections, virtually dooming prospects for congressional action on the issue in the 106th Congress.

Clinton Details New Retirement Plan
April 15, 1999
President Clinton unveils a proposal to give millions of poor and middle-class Americans as much as $300 a year to open their own retirement accounts, a move that could inject new momentum into the stalled debate over how to overhaul the Social Security system.

Prognosis Better for Medicare, Social Security
March 31, 1999
The financial health of the Medicare and Social Security systems has improved dramatically, according to a new government forecast that could undermine the chances that Congress will reform either of the nation's main retirement programs this year.

Social Security Plan Draws Fire
February 25, 1999
President Clinton's proposal to preserve Social Security drew fire from key Republicans and federal fiscal experts.

GOP Attacks New Social Security Plan
February 3, 1999
Republican senators gave senior White House officials an earful, attacking President Clinton's plans for Social Security as budget gimmickry.

Clinton Sought Middle Ground on Social Security
January 25, 1999
The words Clinton delivered during his State of the Union address were bolder, and more specific, than expected by many people who have been following the Social Security debate as it has unfolded over the past year.

Greenspan Wary of Market Role in Social Security Rescue
January 21, 1999
President Clinton's surprise proposal to link the fate of Social Security more closely to the stock market began to stir doubts about how his initiative would affect the U.S. economy and prompted potent criticism from Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Clinton: Devote Surplus To Social Security
January 20, 1999
President Clinton appeared before a joint session of Congress to present an ebullient vision of a nation enjoying a newfound abundance that he said should be used to prepare for the burden of a rapidly aging population in the next century.

Surplus Funds Eyed For Retirement Plan
January 8, 1999
The Clinton administration is considering using some of the federal budget surplus to help subsidize the efforts of Americans who want to build their savings for retirement.

Hill Hearing on Social Security Turns Hostile
November 20, 1998
Although President Clinton and Congressional Republican vowed to work with each other to make 1999 the year the government forges a lasting solution to the nation's looming Social Security crisis, the tone was decidedly hostile at the first legislative hearing since the midterm elections.

Heeding the Voters' Call
November 5, 1998
House Republicans went into this year's election promising to make deep tax cuts next year but emerged stressing the need to first ensure the financial future of the Social Security system.

Gore Musters Party to Fight GOP Tax Cut
September 25, 1998
Vice President Gore led a raucous Democratic pep rally on the steps of the Capitol, urging Congress to "save Social Security first."

Social Security 'Privatizers' Unbowed
September 12, 1998
The market's recent imitation of a deranged elevator has not dissuaded the "privatizers" who want to give Americans the power to invest their Social Security funds in stocks. They insist that the long-term trend is up.

President 'Open-Minded' About Social Security Privatization
July 28, 1998
President Clinton said he was "open-minded" about proposals to invest Social Security funds in the stock market and other private investments, although he warned that "we also have to ask the hard questions" about the risks involved.

Gore Joins Social Security Dialogue, in Cautious Teaching Role
July 2, 1998
For Al Gore, a Rhode Island forum on Social Security was an opportunity to step out front on one of the dominant – and one of the trickiest – social policy questions that will be in play in the 2000 presidential election.

Panel Proposes Fixes for Social Security System
May 20, 1998
A panel of business leaders, academics and members of Congress has proposed a rescue of the ailing Social Security system using a combination of personal investment accounts and increased retirement age.

Forecast Brightens For Social Security
April 29, 1998
With the government predicting that the program's trust fund won't run out of money until 2032 — three years later than previously expected — the prognosis for Social Security's financial health has brightened significantly.

Hill Weighs Stock Link For Social Security
April 27, 1998
Long dismissed as politically unthinkable, the idea of "privatizing" Social Security is gaining ground.

CPI Revision to Mean Smaller COLA Increases
April 17, 1998
The government's main inflation gauge will be changed, trimming the annual increase about eight-tenths of a percentage point. The index determines cost-of-living adjustments in benefits such as Social Security.

President, Advisers Stage First Road Show on Social Security Issues
April 8, 1998
President Clinton convened his first class on the complex and contentious issue of Social Security. But answers won't come for at least a year.

On Eve of Clinton Visit to Kansas City, Doubts About Social Security
April 7, 1998
Revamping Social Security to require workers to contribute to personal security accounts is an option that seems to be gaining popularity in Kansas City and around the country.

First Balanced Federal Budget in 30 Years Offered by Clinton
February 3, 1998
President Clinton submitted the first balanced budget in 30 years, one that would bar substantial new spending and tax cuts until a plan is in place to preserve Social Security.

Clinton Pledges Activist Agenda
January 28, 1998
The president used his State of the Union address to call on both parties to save projected surpluses until they have hammered out a plan to keep Social Security solvent for the next century's baby-boomer retirees.

Gingrich Seeks Social Security Reform Panel
January 6, 1998
House Speaker Newt Gingrich has proposed the creation of a national commission to reform Social Security and said he hopes Congress can establish a new retirement system sometime in 1999.

Social Security Proposals May Come Up Short, Create New Problems
January 8, 1997
All three proposals coming out of an advisory council on Social Security contain the suggestion that some of the program's surplus cash be invested in the stock market. But there may be financial and political risks.

Panel Suggests Bold Changes for Social Security
January 7, 1997
A deeply divided Social Security advisory council put forth several drastic and controversial changes to the giant retirement system, including radical privatization that would substantially reduce the scope of the current Social Security system.

Debate Has Many Sides – and Myths
January 7, 1997
Several popular myths about Social Security are as misleading as they are widely believed. Here is a brief guide around those myths and through the economic, demographic and political thickets of Social Security:

Caught in the Pinch of a Pension Predicament
November 25, 1996
Teena West's life reflects the plight of millions of current and future retirees who, aside from Social Security, have little in the way of pensions to rely on.

Rescue Attempt May Leave Gaps in the Safety Net
May 28, 1995
Convincing the 33 million Americans age 65 and over that things must change has become one of the greatest political challenges facing the Republican leadership in Congress this year.

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