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Clinton Addresses Congress, the Nation

President Clinton addresses Congress Tuesday night. (Tracy A. Woodward - The Post)

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Full coverage of President Clinton's State of the Union address and the Republican response, from the Jan. 20 edition of The Post:

Clinton: Prosperity Must Aid Elderly
Clinton said the nation's newfound abundance should be used to preserve Social Security and prepare for the burden of a rapidly aging population.

Plan Ties Social Security to Stocks
The White House plan to preserve Social Security would bring about the most fundamental change in the program's history.

Market Experts Mostly Bullish
Clinton's Social Security proposal could be just the tonic Wall Street needs to keep its bullish streak running.

Analysis: Claiming the Middle Ground
The White House agenda tries to prevent Republicans from occupying the political center ground.

Defying the Law of Gravity
Impeachment at lunch time and a State of the Union address before bed. Just another day in Bill Clinton's Washington.

Address Elicits Varied Responses
To applaud or not to applaud: that was the question for Republicans watching Clinton's speech.

Agendas Unite Clinton, GOP
The legislative agendas outlined by Clinton and Republican leaders suggested that there was still ample room for compromise.

Shales's Review: In His Element
Clinton scored what looked to be another television triumph.


Clinton Set to Address Nation
January 19, 1999

Cooking Up the Word Stew
January 19, 1999

Speech Puts GOP in a Dilemma
January 15, 1999

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