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The following are links to major stories on term limits from The Washington Post.

Term-Limit Pledges Are Coming Due
March 15, 1999
Six years after the GOP seized control of the House, in part on the strength of the popular term-limits issue, some Republicans are having second thoughts.

Term Limits Give Neophytes Legs to Run
May 28, 1998
Just as the national trend to impose term limits appears to be cooling, Arkansas and other states are confronting the practical effects of laws passed in the early 1990s.

Coming to Term Limits
May 12, 1998
Rep. William F. Goodling (R-Pa.) pledged to support a constitutional amendment limiting House members to three two-year terms but then voted against that measure. Now term-limit advocates have turned against him.
Also see: Voters Choose Nominees in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Oregon Primaries (May 20, 1998)

California Term Limits Beat Challenge
March 24, 1998
The Supreme Court permitted California to continue enforcing term limits for its state lawmakers.
Also see: Court Voids California Term Limits (October 8, 1997)

Arkansas Rejection of Term-Limits Rule Stands
February 25, 1997
The Supreme Court let stand a ruling that struck down an Arkansas voter initiative requiring state legislators and members of Congress to use the power of their offices to support congressional term limits.

Term Limits Fail Again in the House
February 13, 1997
The House defeated a constitutional amendment that would have established a 12-year limit to House or Senate service.

Supreme Court's 5-4 Ruling Upsets Laws in 23 States
May 23, 1995
The Supreme Court ruled that states could not set term limits for members of Congress, effectively overturning laws in 23 states.

House Rejects Measures to Require Term Limits
March 30, 1995
The House defeated four versions of a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits as lawmakers took the first House votes ever on the issue.
Also see: House Roll Call on Term Limits (March 31, 1995)

Lack of Democratic Support Imperils Term-Limits Bill
January 12, 1995
The campaign promise of many House Republicans to pass a constitutional amendment imposing congressional term limits is in danger due to a lack of Democratic support and disagreements within the GOP ranks about how long is enough to be a "citizen legislator."

On Term-Limits Amendment, Republican Divisions Are Widening
November 30, 1994
Congressional Republicans displayed a widening division over a proposed constitutional amendment to limit the terms of lawmakers.

Voters in Several States, D.C. Adopt Limits for Legislators
November 9, 1994
Mirroring the mood that swept so many incumbents out of office, voters in Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Maine and the District of Columbia adopted term limits, which also appeared headed for approval in Colorado and Massachusetts.

Term Limits Run Strong in 14 States
October 26, 1992
Voters in 14 states are overwhelmingly supporting a movement to limit the time their legislators can remain in office, one of the strongest anti-Washington messages the public has sent Congress in recent decades.

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