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Term Limits at a Glance
A comparative look at term limits across the 18 states that have passed laws limiting career politicians. Provided by washingtonpost.com.

U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton
FindLaw's full text of the Supreme Court's decision mandating that only a Constitutional amendment can limit Congress member's terms.

Term Limit Fact Sheets
Information on local, state and federal term limits provided by U. S. Term Limits. Also includes polls on "What Voters Think" and quotes from historical and contemporary term-limit advocates.

Letter to the House
The nonpartisan citizens' lobbying group Common Cause expressed their opposition to congressional term limits in a letter to the House of Representatives.

Term Limits
The pro-term limits page of the Americans Back In Charge Foundation includes questions and answers.

How Congress Stifles Electoral Competition
High reelection rates are due in part to special interest and pork-barrel spending, according to this policy analysis by The CATO Institute. Also see Why Term Limits Are Needed Now More Than Ever.

The Populist Road to Hell
This article from The American Prospect suggests that California's experience may signal what to expect from term limits: "gridlock, bitter partisan hostility, and greater reliance on special interests for the expertise required to write complex legislation."

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