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Selections from the term limits debate between Washington Post columnists David S. Broder and George F. Will.

Will: A Congressional Raise – For Term Limits
June 12, 1997
Members of Congress should get their raise. They should get it when, but not a minute before, they vote to send a term-limits constitutional amendment to the states for ratification debates.

Broder: Escape From the Term-Limits Trap
February 19, 1997
It was a satisfying spectacle to see the latest effort at writing a term-limits provision into the Constitution go down in flames on the House floor last week. It was a triumph of common sense.

Broder: All That Can Be Said for Term Limits
May 1, 1996
The Senate debate on the term-limits constitutional amendment was useful because the case for term limits was extremely well argued. But the corollary argument – that the longer they serve, the less courage politicians show – is demonstrably false.

Will: Open Wide for Term Limits
April 21, 1996
By removing careerism, term limits would make Congress less subservient to public opinion and more deliberative.

Broder: By Ballot, or by Fiat?
December 4, 1994
For more than 200 years we have changed people in office through elections. Why, in this generation, has that become such a burden that we must find some automatic, no-brains, no-bother way to do the job?

Broder: Why We'd Lose With Term Limits
February 9, 1994
Moving legislation is one of the most arduous, exacting tasks imaginable. It takes experience – the one commodity that the term-limits advocates are determined to eliminate from legislative bodies.

Will: Across the Nation
June 24, 1993
Term limits are favored by more than 70 percent of the public. If the political class fought the nation's problems as tenaciously as it fights term limits, America would be paradise by next Tuesday.

Will: The Improving Case for Term Limits
June 18, 1992
A balanced budget amendment and term limits for legislators – these are anathema to Congress because careerism is the shared creed of Democrans and Republicrats, and deficit spending is the key to careerism.

Will: Perpetual Incumbency Machine
November 10, 1991
The political ethics of today's permanent governing class do not restrain where the Constitution is permissive. Term limits are needed as an auxiliary precaution against the perennial lust for power.

Broder: A Heavy Hitter Joins the Term-Limits Team
October 16, 1991
The term-limits bandwagon is rolling. Eminent pundit George F. Will has publicly proclaimed a change of heart and is paddling furiously to get out in front of this wave of anti-politician anger. But term limits offer a promise that is dangerously false.

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