Key Players
Mark Felt a.k.a "Deep Throat"

A top official at the FBI in 1972, Felt secretly served as a source for Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they investigated the Watergate burglary. "Felt believed he was protecting the bureau by finding a way, clandestine as it was, to push some of the information from the FBI interviews and files out to the public, to help build public and political pressure to make Nixon and his people answerable," Woodward later wrote. "He had nothing but contempt for the Nixon White House and their efforts to manipulate the bureau for political reasons." Identified only as "Deep Throat" in Woodward and Bernstein's 1974 book, "All the President's Men," Felt's role in the Watergate story remained a secret until 2005 when Vanity Fair revealed that he had told the story to family members. "I'm the guy they call Deep Throat," Felt said.
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