Key Players
James W. McCord

McCord, a former CIA officer, was one of the first of the president's men to take the fall for Watergate. After leaving the infamous piece of tape on a door in the Watergate building that alerted a security guard to the break-in, he was arrested the night of the burglary along with the four other men. He was fired from his job as director of security for Nixon's reelection committee, pleaded guilty, and was convicted on six counts of conspiracy, burglarly and wiretapping.

In March 1973, he wrote a letter to Judge John J. Sirica claiming that he and four other burglars who had pleaded guilty, had been pressured to do so by White House officials, including John W. Dean III and John Mitchell. McCord's allegations that the White House knew of the burglary and attempt to cover it up were crucial in causing investigators to push for the truth.

In 1974, McCord published a book entitled, "A Piece of Tape -- The Watergate Story: Fact and Fiction." He now lives in Rockville, Maryland.
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