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On the Federal Level

Administration for Children and Families
The Web site for the Department of Health and Human Services office that oversees most welfare-related programs. See their welfare reform page, their chart showing the decline in welfare caseloads by state, a summary of the 1996 reform legislation, and a side by side comparison of the new law and the old law.

Welfare to Work
This site from the Department of Labor offers information on $1.1 billion in special grants for states and localities to help prepare welfare recipients for work and to place them in jobs. Also see The President's Welfare-to-Work Jobs Challenge.

Analysis of the New Welfare Legislation
An extensive and fairly straightforward analysis of the 1996 welfare reform act, from the American Public Welfare Association, the National Governors’ Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures. Also see The Race to Welfare Reform: A Recent History.

On the State Level

Welfare Reform State Links
This page, from the Department of Health and Human Services, lists all the state-level welfare and "children and families" home pages.

State Plans
This page, maintained by the Welfare Information Network, lists links to descriptions of state-level welfare plans.

State Time Limits
This list from the National Conference of State Legislatures provides information on the variety of time limits the 50 states have set for welfare benefits, including lifetime limits and the length of time certain kinds of recipients have to find work.

Nation’s Governors Mark Law’s First Anniversary
A look at state welfare programs from "New York Works" to "Ohio Works First" to "WorkFirst" in Washington. From the National Governors' Association.

From the Think Tanks

The Good News About Welfare Reform: Wisconsin's Success Story
Transcript of March 1997 lectures at the conservative Heritage Foundation by Governor Tommy Thompson (R-Wis.) and former Education Secretary William J. Bennett.

Clinton Undermines Welfare Reform – With GOP Help
An August 1997 article from the conservative American Enterprise Institute which argues that the Clinton administration has begun to weaken the welfare reform law. Also see "The Lost Soul of the Welfare State."

Welfare Reform and Opportunity in the Low-Wage Labor Market
This report from the liberal Urban Institute suggests that the current strong economy does offer the possibility for many welfare recipients to get low-wage jobs, but that many may have difficulty moving up the job ladder. Also see the institute's comparison of the new welfare law with the old law, and their report, Personal and Family Challenges to the Successful Transition from Welfare to Work.

The Hidden Paradox of Welfare Reform
This article from the American Prospect warns that "single mothers will have to pay for everyone else's sins."

Welfare Reform Mailing List Archives
Searchable archive of an electronic mailing list of welfare reform researchers, monitoring changes across the nation. Sponsored by the Institute for Women's Policy Research. Also see its newsletter on welfare reform.

Welfare Reform: The Basics
This report from the liberal 20th Century Fund aims to "substitute facts for myth" in the debate over welfare.

The Challenge of Moving From Welfare to Work
This article from the liberal Economic Policy Institute argues that the segment of the labor market to which most welfare recipients will have to turn is already characterized by high unemployment and steadily falling wages.

The Time Line for Implementing the New Welfare Law
This report from the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reviews the dates by which the major changes in welfare, Medicaid and the food stamp program must be implemented, or could be implemented at state option.

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