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The following are key legal documents related to the Whitewater investigations. Also see our Clinton Accused report for documents related to the Lewinsky investigation, our extensive Jones v. Clinton legal documents page, and our collection of transcripts and other primary sources related to Lewinsky, Jones and Whitewater.

Supreme Court Decision on Foster Notes
Text of the June 25 Supreme Court ruling against independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who had requested notes taken by White House counsel Vincent Foster's lawyer during a meeting shortly before Foster's 1993 suicide.

Appeals Court Ruling Barring Media from Hearings
May 5 ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals denying a motion brought by a consortium of news organizations including The Washington Post requesting media access to court hearings on legal issues arising from the Monica Lewinsky grand jury investigation.

Indictment of Susan McDougal
Text of the indictments filed May 4 by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr against Susan H. McDougal on charges of criminal contempt and obstructing his investigation.

Indictment of Webster Hubbell
Text of the federal tax evasion and fraud charges filed April 30 against former Justice Department official Webster L. Hubbell, his wife, Suzanna, his Little Rock lawyer and his accountant.

Talking Points for Tripp
Text of the "talking points" Monica Lewinsky is said to have given to Linda R. Tripp on Jan. 14, obtained by The Post on Feb. 9.

Reno's Request to Expand Starr Investigation
Text of Attorney General Janet Reno's Jan. 16 petition to the three-judge panel that oversees independent counsel investigations, requesting that Starr be allowed to investigate allegations related to Monica Lewinsky. Released Jan. 29.

Foster Report
Text of the report on the 1993 death of White House counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., released by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr in October 1997. After an exhaustive three-year investigation, Starr reaffirms that Foster's death was a suicide.

Senate Committee's Whitewater Report
Text of the U.S. Senate Whitewater committee's reports, issued June 18, 1996. Available only as a 2.4 megabyte PDF file requiring the Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Reader.

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