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  • Media Ethics
  • The legacy of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

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  • Spacer Survey: Trading Privacy for Glamour

    Is there privacy for celebrities, for those who trade in glamour and court their public through the press and its flashing cameras?

    The death of the Princess of Wales in a Paris car crash has refocused the glare of public anger on the paparazzi, whose cameras Diana and her companions were fleeing through the busy streets of the French capital.

    Questions about celebrity privacy are rarely as black and white as the newspapers that struggle with these issues every day. Answer the hypothetical questions below and see how others respond in this unscientific user survey.

    Question 1:
    You are a freelance photographer assigned to cover a celebrity. In pursuing the story, you follow the celebrity's car. Suddenly, you come across the mangled wreck of the vehicle you've been following. A doctor and many other samaritans are trying to help and have already called the police.

    Do you do your job and take pictures of the car and its injured occupants?

    Do you refrain from taking pictures until emergency workers arrive?

    Do you leave the scene for fear that you might be blamed for the wreck?

    Once you choose your answer, you'll be able to see others' votes.

    Other surveys:
    Media Ethics and the legacy of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

    Check survey results without voting.

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