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Kenneth Starr, Supernova? He Hurtled Across the Legal Universe into Whitewater and, Perhaps, an End to His Burning Ambition
By Kim Masters
Tuesday, January 10, 1995; Page E01 Kenneth Starr, Act 1.
He did it all by the book – compiling a perfect resume, walking the path of the prudent man, smoothing his progress with a combination of good ...
 The Clintons' Pen Pal
By Howard Kurtz
Monday, June 16 1997; Page C01
Sidney Blumenthal sat in the National Press Club audience, beaming, as a painfully pompous White House reporter bemoaned his fate. "Last time I asked ...
 Bennett & Bennett . . . and Never the Twain Shall Compete
By Saundra Torry
Monday, October 13, 1997; Page F07
The legal fraternity was treated to one of those unlikely, only-in-Washington moments last week, courtesy of Robert S. Bennett. On Tuesday, Bennett ...
 Kindred Spirits' Pentagon Bond Linda Tripp, left (Reuter) , and Monica Lewinsky (AP)
By Dana Priest and Rene Sanchez Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, January 22, 1998; Page A01
They were both exiles from the White House, aides who had worked in the shadow of senior officials, and once their paths crossed in new jobs at the ...
 Summons Thrusts President's Gatekeeper Into View Betty Currie. (AP)
By Amy Goldstein
Friday, January 23, 1998; Page A20
Betty Currie has been the Oval Office's genteel gatekeeper for five years, a meticulous secretary who is unfailingly gracious while sorting out ...
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