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Monday, November 20, 2000
_____Note to Users_____
Washingtonpost.com is moving its offices. Full coverage of breaking news will continue but some site features may be unavailable.
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Bracing for Court Showdown; Amid Blizzard of Briefs, Partisan Rhetoric Heats Up in Florida Ballot Battle
By Edward Walsh, Page A01
Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, appears on NBC's "Meet the Press" on a television monitor in the background as Broward County election workers hand-count ballots. As the campaigns of Vice President Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush girded for a showdown before the Florida Supreme Court today, the tedious task of hand-counting ballots continued in two Florida counties yesterday amid a blizzard of legal papers and heated bickering between partisans of the two presidential campaigns.

Counters Try To Stay Calm as Storm Gathers
By Kathy Sawyer; Serge F. Kovaleski, Page A01
Vote-counting volunteers here and in two other Florida counties settled into their laborious work today mostly with an air of calm--leaving the partisan bickering for observers and the political parties' lawyers.

Delay May Undermine Presidential Transition
By Al Kamen, Page A01
The delay in pronouncing a winner of the presidential election is cutting into the already limited time for the eventual president-elect to conduct the massive task of launching a new administration, causing problems that experts said could last well into his first year in office.

President Of Peru To Resign; Fujimori, in Japan, Cites Rivals' Gains
By Anthony Faiola, Page A01
With his once iron grip on Peru crippled during a roiling political crisis, President Alberto Fujimori said today he will step down within 48 hours by sending a formal letter of resignation to the Peruvian Congress from Japan.

D.C. Courts Speeding Up Foster-Child Adoptions; Building on Federal Law, City Has Tripled Rate Since '96
By Neely Tucker, Page A01
The months stretched into years, and still Betty Taylor wondered if someone was going to show up one day, produce some paperwork and take her two children away.

History and the EPA's Big Picture; '30s Mural Draws Stares and Critics
By Fern Shen, Page A01
Check out the big mural on the fifth floor, a friend told Myrna Mooney one day last August, shortly after Mooney and fellow employees of the Environmental Protection Agency moved into new headquarters in the Federal Triangle complex. A Native American from the Blackfeet Nation in Montana, Mooney was "flabbergasted" by what she saw:

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