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Designer Solutions - Room Layout


Target: $600
Actual: Budget breakdown

key elements

Bedding: Bright colorful patterns help compensate for plain white walls. Buy the highest thread count you can afford and take it with you later.

Storage: A metal rolling cart, usually found in a kitchen, offers convenient place to store small appliances and eating utensils or could be used as a media center.

Screen: Offers a beautiful focal point for the room while hiding an old air-conditioning unit and window blinds and still allowing for airflow.

Seating: Cozy circle chair provides comfortable place to sit apart from the bed. It moves easily and folds up for stowing away.

Lighting: Desk and floor lamps provide essential lighting. The floor lamp saves space and can be placed near a bed or the chair.

audio from the designer


Maryland designer Dana Tydings discusses key considerations in the design of this room.

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