Baltimore: National Bohemians

Baltimore: National Bohemians


Baltimore brews its own arts scene, with a taste of what America was and what it will be.

Art: Blake Gopnik on art lofts

Film: Ann Hornaday on Charm City's big screen je ne sais quoi

Opera: Ann Midgette on the fledgling scene performers are flocking to

Music: Chris Richards on 92Q and club music

Theater: Peter Marks on a fertile ground for a fresh crop of thespians

Interactive map

Our writers plot points of interest for alternative cultural experiences in Charm City.

Live Discussion

Q&A Transcript: Blake Gopnik, Ann Hornaday and Chris Richards were online to talk about their impressions of the Baltimore arts scene, give recommendations, share recollections and more.

Photo galleries

Blake Gopnik on Baltimore's wide-open art spaces.


Ann Hornaday on the way film has helped showcase Baltimore's oeuvre.

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