Detroit remains optimistic despite bleak conditions

The decline of the auto industry and the nation's economic slide have left many residents here trapped, without work, in houses they can't sell, in neighborhoods where they fear for their safety. A steadfast optimism, however, shines through. Full Story »

  • Gallery: An uncertain financial landscape
  • Data: An in-depth look at the poll's methodology and questions
  • Low confidence in government

    Most residents of the three-county area say government efforts to try to deal with the economic situation have not made a difference to their families.

    Stark divisions between city and suburbs

    Vastly different experiences with local services and quality of life typify the differences between city and suburb.

  • The toll on young adults
  • Graphic: View from Detroit
  • About this feature

    In a new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation-Harvard University Detroit poll, almost all residents of the main three-county metropolitan area of Detroit see their economy as in ruins. People throughout the region are feeling the stress of the uncertain financial landscape, with majorities worried about the economy and unemployment, along with being able to afford health care and having enough money to pay their bills.

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