Interactive Map: Metro cell phone service

A year ago cell service providers expanded their reach in the Metro system to ensure that riders who use Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile would have signals at the platforms of 20 of the busiest stations. The goal is to have full underground service by late 2012, but Metro says the need to do track work and other maintenance has constrained the time available to expand the cellular network.

How is cell phone service on the Metro right now? Use the map below to tell us how your phone works -- or doesn't -- at the stations you use.

Instructions: Each placemark icon represents a Metrorail station. To add your report, go here and click 'Edit.' Find the placemark icon for your station, and add your comments to the description field. Multiple users can add reports to each station.

View Metro cell service in a larger map

**NOTE: This is an open collaboration map.**

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