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Bowser wins primary in still-divided city

Bowser wins primary in still-divided city

By Ted Mellnik and Emily Chow, Published April 2, 2014

Democrats across the District turned away from incumbent Mayor Vincent C. Gray on Tuesday, picking Muriel Bowser as their November candidate. With a lackluster turnout, Bowser won with fewer votes than a losing candidate got four years ago. But Gray’s supporters abandoned him on an even larger scale. In his east-side strongholds alone, his totals dropped by almost 28,000.

Swing precincts (Where Gray won in 2010)


______ won with a margin of ______ votes.

Up to 500 500 or more Candidate Votes Percentage
Muriel Bowser
Vincent C. Gray
Tommy Wells

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Overall, Gray received __________ votes this year.

0 300 600 fewer
0% to 15% 16% to 31% 32% to 52%

Voter turnout for DC mayoral primaries since 1982

D.C. remains divided by race and income

The dramatic drop in support for Gray was most obvious in predominantly black precincts and in lower income precincts. Gray still won there, but with far fewer votes. Bowser also managed to capture middle income precincts in her home area in the District’s north that Gray won before.

Precincts by predominant race

Precincts by typical income

Note: Unofficial results from D.C. Board of Elections. Sources: D.C. Board of Elections, Census Bureau.