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This calculator will help you determine your metered cab fare in Washington, D.C. Choose a sample route, or enter a starting and destination address, or drag the green and red map markers. Remember, these are estimates. Actual fares may vary.

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About the fare system

Less fees in updated system

Fees for the dismissal of a cab hailed by phone ($1.50), the hauling of "[t]runks or similar-sized large articles" ($2), the hauling of small animals not enclosed in a carrier ($1) and the "personal service" of a cab driver ($2) are removed entirely.

Gas surcharge ($1) removed July 21, 2012.

Each fare starts with a base charge of $3. Total distance traveled is charged at $2.16 per mile, up from $1.50 in the old system. The traffic wait time rate is $25 per hour, or about $2 every 5 minutes.

Extra charges

Riders pay 50 cents for "each piece of luggage the operator places in his or her trunk." In the old system, passengers paid 50 cents for each bag "handled by the driver" beyond the first. Briefcases, purses, bags of groceries and parcels of similar size are exempted from the luggage charge.

An extra-passenger surcharge remains. But instead of $1.50 for each passenger beyond the first riding in cabs, drivers of vans -- and vans only -- charge $1 each for their second rider and beyond.

Learn more in this story.

SOURCE: Professor Hani Mahmassani at Northwestern University's Transportation Center; District of Columbia Taxicab Commission. GRAPHIC: Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso and Wilson Andrews - The Washington Post.

Updated to reflect new fare rates effective April 21, 2012 and expiration of gas surcharge July 20, 2012.
View previous version: Old fare system updated December 4, 2008.

Compare D.C.'s taxicab fares to those in 40 major U.S. cities

On April 21, D.C. cab fares will increase from $1.50 to $2.16 per mile and the wait-time rate will jump from $15 to $25 an hour. Additional fees for luggage handled by the operator remain in effect, but other fees for pets and personal service will be eliminated. The $1 fuel surcharge is authorized through June 20.

Previously D.C. had the cheapest rates among 40 major U.S. cities. The new fare elevates D.C. cab prices to the middle of the pack.