Convictions linked to FBI lab's suspect forensics

Following a 1997 misconduct scandal at the FBI Laboratory, a Justice Department task force commissioned secret scientific assessments of suspect forensic work in about 250 convictions nationwide. The department never identified cases reviewed. State and federal prosecutors, who were given results, often did not share them with courts, defendants or their counsel.

A Washington Post investigation identified defendants in these 137 reviewed cases. Links at right lead to review results obtained in Freedom of Information Act requests.

Were scientific review results disclosed to defendants?

  • Not disclosed (107)
  • Disclosed (30)

Defendant was executed

No documentation of disclosure

Defendant learned independently

Defendant died

Defendant given non-specific information

Year Plaintiff Defendant Offense Sentence
1985 US (VI) Abednego Cecil Abenego Aggravated sexual assault 12 years 6 months N
1972 CT Aillon Guillermo Aillon Homicide 75 years to life N
1992 TN Alexander David S. Alexander Burglary• 8 years N
1984 FL Ammaz Louis S. Ammaz Sexual battery 7 years N
1982 AK Anahonak Steven Anahonak Sexual assault 2 years N
1985 MS Armstead Roosevelt D. Armstead Burglary 15 years N
1983 NJ Arroyo Miguel Arroyo

Helmer Valencia Hidarraga

Edwin Pantoja
Homicide• N
1985 CA Bender Jr. George Bender

Columbus Bender Jr.

5 years

8 months
1983 AK Betzner George Betzner

Daniel Medwin

Peter Lindsay


9 years 6 months

5 years

1979 FL Bostic Dwayne Bostic Burglary• 5 years N
1990 ME Boutin Darlene J. Boutin Homicide• 27 months N
1985 TX Boyle Benjamin H. Boyle Homicide Death 3
1983 AK Bridegan Jay Bridegan Sexual assault 8 years N
1987 AK Briggs John M. Briggs Homicide• 5 years N
1984 SC Brooks Roy D. Brooks Homicide Life N
1989 MD Bryant David T. Bryant Sr. Sexual assault Life X
1985 US (NE) Buckley Robert Buckley Sexual assault• 5 years probation N
1983 SC Campbell Clifton J. Campbell Homicide Life N
1985 US (MO) Carter Herman Carter Homicide 30 years N
1992 MD Clark Hadden L. Clark Homicide 30 years N
1982 FL Cook Douglas Earl Cook Aggravated battery 15 years N
1992 TN Cresong Mickey Cresong Aggravated sexual assault 25 years 4
1981 DE Crump Benjamin Crump Sexual assault, kidnapping Life N
US (MT) Daniels Ray W. Daniels Drug importation 7 years N
1986 AK DeAlexandro Patrick DeAlexandro

Scot McGonegal

David Urquhart

Timothy White
Evidence tampering, misconduct with a controlled substance• 27 months

1 year

6 months

1990 DE Dennard Peggy J. Dennard Homicide 10 years N
1985 IL Dugan Brian J. Dugan Homicide Life N
1989 ME Eldridge Woodbury Eldridge Attempted sexual misconduct 3 years N
1981 FL Faulkner Donald Faulkner Cruelty toward child, aggravated abuse 10 years N
1982 PA Fenstermacher William Fenstermacher Attempted sexual assault 5 to 10 years X
1980 OH Gall Jack M. Gall Kidnapping 7 to 25 years N
1987 US (DC) Garay Jose Del Carmen Alberto Garay Theft Time served N
1981 US (DC) Gates Donald E. Gates Homicide, sexual assault 20 years to life Z
1984 WA Giffing Ronald E. Giffing Homicide 26 years N
1988 TX Gilliam Thomas L. Gilliam Homicide, kidnapping Life N
1993 US (Navy) Goins Anthony Goins Homicide 35 years N
US (AR) Gray Steve Gray Bank robbery• N
1983 FL Gunn Gregory F. Gunn

Joette J. Davis
Homicide 25 years to life

12 years
US (MD) Haaff Eric Haaff N
1987 CNMI Hanada Hideki Hanada

Koichi Yoneda

Young Il Choi

aka Eeichi Kawano


Principal to homicide
1983 AK Hanson John E. Hanson Jr. Sexual assault 10 years N
1986 NC Hudson Jimmy D. Hudson Homicide Life X
1981 AK Huf Jay Huf Sexual assault, burglary 6 years N
1981 MD Huffington John N. Huffington Homicide Life X
1980 MS Hyde Anthony Hyde Sexual assault 25 years N
1987 MD Icgoren Nuri T. Icgoren Homicide Life N
1983 NM Jacobs Bryson A. Jacobs Aggravated burglary N
1981 SD Jacox Darrel Jacox Sexual assault• 4 years N
AK Johnson Reuben D. Johnson N
1992 UT Kelley Ronald L. Kelley Homicide Life N
1979 AK Kingosak Jimmy C. Kingosak Sexual assault 3 years N
MD Kosmas Stanley Kosmas Homicide• 20 years N
1979 AK Koutchak Freddie A. Koutchak Homicide 10 years N
1982 AK Lambert Newton P. Lambert Homicide 99 years Z
NC Lewis James A. Lewis Sexual assault• 7 to 35 years N
1986 LA Magouirk Kenneth W. Magouirk Homicide 21 years labor N
1983 FL Malone Henry K. Malone Sexual battery 5 years N
OR Marca Bradley Marca N
1983 FL Martino Joseph G. Martino Sexual battery• 4 years probation N
1985 TN McGhee George L. McGhee

George Washington
Homicide Life

35 years
1982 FL McGowan Thomas E. McGowan Sexual battery, burglary• 10 years N
MD McInturff Paul K. McInturff Homicide Life N
1982 US (MN) McIvor Donald L. McIvor Kidnapping Life N
1991 FL Milford Robert A. Milford Homicide, attempted murder, arson, armed robbery, grand theft auto, grand theft• Life N
1990 FL Mills Gary L. Mills Sexual battery 7 years N
US (LA) Minor Adolph L. Minor Sexual assault• N
US (NM) Morgan Wayne J. Morgan Homicide 7 years N
1986 TN Morris Sam L. Morris Kidnapping, Sexual assault• 1 year N
1985 US (DC) Nelson Derrie A. Nelson Homicide, related charges 20 years to life N
US (MT) No Runner Harold J. No Runner N
1982 AK O'Rear David R. O'Rear Sexual assault• 3 years N
1988 OH Oswalt Charles Oswalt Homicide 10 to 25 years Z
1983 ME Pallitto Richard S. Pallito Homicide 35 years N
1984 SC Peake Allen S. Peake Homicide Time served X
AK Peltola Ronald T. Peltola N
1990 FL Perez Augustine D. Perez Homicide Life N
1979 US (WI) Phillips George T. Phillips

Dennis Wieneke

Joey Clendenny
Kidnapping, interstate transportation of a stolen motor vehicle, Mann Act Life


25 years
1985 NJ Pittman Donald C. Pittman Sexual assault• 7 years N
1982 US (DC) Plater Darryl C. Plater Jr.

Ray R. McLamore

Thomas Smith

Terrance Hanford
Armed sexual assault, sodomy, burglary• 15 to 45 years

15 to 45 years


25 years
SC Poindexter Randy W. Poindexter N
US (TN) Pulliam James R. Pulliam N
1989 MD Ranson Gerald M. Ranson Bank robbery• 7 years N
1991 NH Reynolds Dwight Reynolds Burglary• 3-1/2 to 10 years N
1985 TN Rutledge David L. Rutledge Sexual assault, kidnapping, crime against nature, assault with intent to commit first degree murder 25 years N
1982 FL Scarborough Larry Scarborough Sexual battery• 3 years N
1982 NH Sefton Scott Sefton Leaving scene of an automobile accident N
SD Shaw, Stordahl Jonathan Shaw Homicide Life N
1990 FL Smith John W. Smith Homicide 15 years X
PA Smith Mitchell K. Smith N
1986 SC Stackhouse Anthony H. Stackhouse Attempted sexual assault, burglary 50 years N
1982 FL Stinyard Charles Stinyard Homicide, robbery, kidnapping 99 years N
1982 US (ID) Stone LeBurn Stone Lewd and lascivious behavior 15 years N
1989 AR Strawhacker Lonnie D. Strawhacker Sexual assault and battery Life X
1987 PA Taft Randy Taft Homicide Life X
1984 US (DC) Terry Walter H. Terry Reduced charges 10 to 30 years N
1982 1983 FL Thomas Curtis Lee Thomas Sexual battery Life X
1988 FL Thompson Kevin W. Thompson Homicide Life X
1989 FL Tibbetts Darold N. Tibbetts Homicide 30 years X
1980 CO Tolerton Kenyon B. Tolerton Homicide 10 years N
1990 FL Torres Felix Cruz Torres Homicide 17 years Z
DE Ward Stephanie Ward N
1987 DE Waterman Jerome Waterman Burglarly, sexual assault 70 years N
1983 AK Wilkie Jeffrey C. Wilkie Sexual assault• 8 years N
US (AR) Wilson Andre Wilson N
1988 SD Wright Betty D. Wright Arson 10 years N
FL Yelton Jill L. Yelton N
1979 FL Zografos Ioannis John Zografos Conspiracy to import controlled substance 5 years probation N

Documented disclosure with explanation

Without explanation or name

Prosecutor says disclosure made

Maybe, unclear what was disclosed

Year Plaintiff Defendant Offense Sentence
1978 CT Asherman Steven M. Asherman Homicide• 7 to 14 years 6
1983 FL Bard James P. Bard Homicide 7 years 7
1993 FL Bell Willie D. Bell Sexual assault• 4 years 6 months 7
1988 RI Bleau Carlton J. Bleau Sexual assault 55 years 6
1991 FL Bogle Brett Bogle Homicide Death penalty 6
1991 US (DC) Bragdon Anthony Bragdon Attempted sexual assault while armed 15 years 6
1982 NC Bridger Franklin Bridger

aka Graham Franklin Bridgers
Arson• 27 years 7
1983 FL Brown Timothy E. Brown

aka Timothy Williams
Homicide, burglary 32 years 9
1991 TX Carson Claude Carson Homicide 10 years 6
1985 NY DiLorenzo Alfred DiLorenzo Homicide 25 years to life 6
1990 FL Dolan Michael J Dolan Sexual assault• 22 years 7
1988 FL Frame Brian K. Perkins

John M. Frame
Armed robbery• 22 years

22 years
1989 FL Grady Isaiah Grady Sexual battery, aggravated assault, robbery Life 9
1985 TN Irick Billy Irick Homicide, sexual assault Death penalty 7
TN Jackson James Jackson Aggravated sexual assault 20 years 6
1986 CA Jones Brian M. Jones Homicide Death U
1982-84 FL Jones Austin G. Jones

aka James Wilmouth
Sexual battery, sexual assault• 10 years 9
1993 FL Kohut Mark Kohut

Charles Rourk

Jeff Pellett

Kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted homicide

Kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted homicide

Accessory to kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted homi


78 months
1983-84 FL Long Robert Joe Long Homicides, sexual assaults Life 6
1984 FL McLendon Dwayne R. McLendon Sexual assault 33 years 9
MD Page Tyrone Page

Jerome Page
Homicide, sexual assault• 6
1985 FL Pate Stephen M. Pate Kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual battery• 27 years U
1988 FL Pilgrim Jr. Walter Pilgrim Jr. Homicide, arson, armed robbery Life 6
1988 FL Reutter David M. Reutter Homicide Life 6
1985 FL Shepard Clayborn Shepard Sexual battery, kidnapping 12 years 6
1992 FL Sheren David T. Sheren

Georgia R. Miller
Homicide 50 years

50 years
1986 US (CA) Small and Pilaski Shaun Small

Peter K. Pilaski
1984 FL Smith Nathan R. Smith Manslaughter 3 years 7
1977 AK Spencer Rick H. Spencer Homicide 99 years 7
1988 WA Sugatch Alex Sugatch Sexual assault• 16 years 6

SOURCE: Washington Post and National Whistleblowers Center analysis of records of the U.S. Department of Justice Task Force on the FBI Laboratory obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
GRAPHIC: Spencer Hsu, Jennifer Jenkins, Aaron Carter, Ted Mellnik, Wilson Andrews - The Washington Post; Andrew Berkowitz - National Whistleblowers Center. Published April 17, 2012.


  • Offense: Offenses marked with • are initial charges. Others are the conviction charges. Offenses occurred between 1972 and 1994.
  • State: Federal cases are labeled US, with the state location in parentheses.

  A Washington Post investigation connected this review report to this case. In cases where this icon is missing, a review report was not found, but was mentioned in other documents.

No documentation of disclosure: In 28 cases, The Post contacted defendant counsel who confirmed that they were not notified of review results.

This list reflects information in task force records about the status of specific cases at the time the documents were written. It may not reflect the current status of the particular cases. For example, courts may have subsequently upheld convictions even after defense lawyers argued that they were based on flawed forensic testimony from FBI agents.