Build your own speech

How to craft an inspiring inaugural address

A great inauguration speech is an elusive thing. A good one inspires the people and sets the tone of the presidency. A bad one can leave the crowd bored and uninspired. Composing these speeches isn't as easy as you might think, but fortunately the best ones generally break down into a similar structure. Follow the steps below to create your own address and when you finish, see how your version stacks up.

Part 1: Choose a greeting for your audience

Part 2: Describe the state of the nation

Part 3: Pick an issue and lay out your presidential plan

Part 4: Inspire the crowd

Part 5: Close your speech

“My fellow citizens...”

Put quotes from past presidents on this card to help you remember what to say on the big day.



Drag and drop quotes here

State of the nation

Issues and plan


Closing statement

Analyze my speech

SOURCE: The American Presidency Project, staff reports. GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Hilary Fung and Katie Park - The Washington Post. Published Jan. 18, 2013.

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