Below is a map of all road closures and parking restrictions in place for the Africa Leaders Summit, which takes place Monday, August 4, through Thursday, August 7, in the District. Recycling bins and trashcans will also be removed from sidewalks on closed streets. Read related story.
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  • Multiple-day road closure and parking restriction

  • Single-day road closure

  • Single-day parking restriction

  • Center of activity

Note on Constitution Avenue:
  • From midnight to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 6, the two outermost westbound lanes on Constitution Avenue will be closed from 19th St. NW to Henry Bacon Drive.
  • All eastbound lanes will be open with restricted access to Henry Bacon Drive.
  • All westbound traffic will be forced onto Henry Bacon Drive and over the Arlington Memorial Bridge.
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge and Rock Creek Parkway will funnel through Lincoln Memorial Circle to Henry Bacon Drive to Constitution Avenue.
  • Both directions on Constitution Avenue between 17th St. NW and 23rd St. NW will be closed from noon to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Traffic southbound from 18th and 19th Streets will be allowed to flow eastbound on Constitution Avenue during this time.

SOURCE: Metropolitan Police Department, United States Secret Service and The White House.
GRAPHIC: Denise Lu - The Washington Post. Published July 30, 2014.