Seat Pleasant: Students 33 years later

In 1988, a fifth-grade class at Seat Pleasant Elementary received an extraordinary gift: the offer of a college education paid for by two wealthy businessmen. Could extra attention and hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid help them achieve the kind of success that had eluded their parents?

Seat Pleasant 59
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Sources: Staff reports, Tracy Proctor; Video: Whitney Shefte; Reporting: Paul Schwartzman and Whitney Shefte; Design and Development: Kat Downs; Editing: Lynda Robinson; Production assistance: James Buck; Research: Jennifer Jenkins and Sylvia Carignan - The Washington Post. Published Dec. 18, 2011.

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The Dreamers followed varied paths: A cop and a drug dealer. One killed herself; another killed his father. They also include a doctor, cellist, politician and UPS driver.