The perks of politics: A decade of gift-giving

Gala dinners. Concert tickets. Paid airfare. There's a definite upside to the political life. In the wake of the FBI investigation of Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell's financial ties to a nutritional supplement company, we look at the records of gifts given to Virginia officials between 2002 and 2012. Apart from political contributions, elected officials in Virginia can accept personal gifts of any value, provided they annually disclose those they receive that are worth at least $50. All gifts reflected here were included on annual disclosure forms and are worth more than the $50 threshold.

$3.1 million

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Summer lodging for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II's 2012 family vacation.

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10-day bear hunt for former representative Watkins Abbitt in 2004.


Gifts less than $100.

Most gifts were valued at less than $200.

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Top recipients

Only one female official cracked the top 15 recipients: Yvonne B. Miller, the first African American woman to serve in each house of the Virginia General Assembly. Miller died in 2012.

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* Recipients may have served other positions prior to what is listed. An office listed without years denotes a currently held position.

Top donors

Dominion, a large power supplier in the state, put most of its gift money toward travel expenses, including $3,342 for three officials to attend state senator Joe Gartlan's funeral in 2008.

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SOURCE: The Virginia Public Access Project.

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