Dimah Abdulkarim

Female, 12, Muslim

Polling: 21-31 year-olds on 9/11


Compared to before Sept. 11, 2011, do you think the country today is safer from terrorism or less safe from terrorism?





When you think about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, would you say you feel very angry about it, somewhat angry, not so angry or not angry at all?





How about your own personal life – have the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 changed your personal life in a lasting way, or not?




Reader Contributions

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The Age of 9/11

How old were you when the planes struck the World Trade Center? And where were you? And where are you now -- 10 years older, 10 years after the attacks? These and similar questions are ones The Post has explored around the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. The powerful reflections are presented as a multimedia report broken down by age -- age being an important facet forming the individualized prisms through which we all view 9/11 and its effects on our lives and views.

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About This Project

To compile the project, we asked our users for short essays and received thoughtful responses. Many of them came to us by way of social media and from across the globe. Our video journalist and reporter talked to a variety of people across the country, and across the age spectrum, about their feelings and how they remembered that day, or not (some were not yet born). We've included Kid's Post content that profiles children born on Sept. 11, 2001. And we display Washington Post polling data that offer a glimpse into public sentiment 10 years later. The age of 9/11 is a mosaic of all the responses, displayed in age categories. We encourage you to explore all the multimedia across the age categories and to respond with your thoughts, particularly if you feel compelled to join a conversation within your age community.

CREDITS: Executive producer: Cory Haik; Video journalist: Whitney Shefte; Reporter: J. Freedom du Lac; Interactive designer: Grace Koeber; Art Direction: Sarah Sampsel; Interactive producer: Anup Kaphle; Community producer: TJ Ortenzi

Video and photo research: Jason Aldag and Whitney Shefte; File video: CBS News; File photography: The Washington Post, AP, Reuters and courtesy of families interviewed for this project

Print interviews have been condensed.