The Hidden Life of Guns

Arming Mexico's drug cartels

Texas has produced more guns seized in Mexico than any other state, and Houston is the focal point of gun-running operations to the border, federal authorities said. A year-long investigation by The Washington Post for the first time reveals the top 12 stores that sold guns traced to Mexican crime scenes.

Top 12 dealers of guns seized in Mexico

In the past four years, Mexican and U.S. authorities have traced more than 60,000 weapons from the nation's bloody drug wars back to some of the 7,500 U.S. gun dealers along the border. The dealers with the most traces in the past two years are in Texas, Arizona and California and are near highways that cross the border and go deep into Mexico.

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SOURCES: Washington Post analysis of ATF data.
By Wilson Andrews, Christina Rivero, Ben de la Cruz, James Grimaldi and Gene Thorp / The Washington Post.
Dec. 13, 2010.

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