Life expectancy across the U.S.

American women live an average of 2.5 years longer than men, but as life expectancies vary across the country, both men and women in certain counties, particularly in the South and Southeast, can expect to die more than a decade sooner than others.

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NOTE: Counties with equivalent life expectancies share a rank. Rank includes Alaska and Hawaii.
SOURCE: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.
GRAPHIC: Kat Downs and Bonnie Berkowitz - The Washington Post. Published June 15, 2011.


Life expectancy in the U.S. varies widely by region, in some places is decreasing

Large swaths of the United States are showing decreasing or stagnating life expectancy even as the nation's overall longevity trend has continued upwards, according to a county-by-county study of life expectancy over two decades.