Change in income since 2009

Few gainers

In spite of national trends, four metro areas saw income gains of more than $1,000 over five years: Grand Rapids, Mich.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Pittsburgh; and Oklahoma City.

Biggest losers

Las Vegas income lags behind its 2009 level by more than $7,000. Four metro areas were more than $5,000 behind: Phoenix; Sacramento; Riverside, Calif.; and Hartford, Conn.

Top earners

Two of the highest-income metro areas showed income lags: No. 1 San Jose and No. 3 Boston. No. 2 Washington is more than $2,000 below 2009 income.

Strong recovery

Although their incomes still lag behind 2009 levels, some metro areas made strong gains in 2013: San Francisco; Jacksonville, Fla.; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis; Seattle

SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau. NOTE: Only metropolitan areas with more than 1 million people are shown.