These are the 91 young children killed by deliberate gunfire in 2012.

Siblings shown in green. Newtown victims shown in blue.

Chaniya Wynn

1 year old

Chaniya and her mother were killed in an abandoned garage by the mother’s ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself.

Taylor and Jordan Dejerinett

9 years old

The twins were allegedly murdered with their elderly babysitter when a stranger stopped them and took their car. The children’s bodies were abandoned on the side of a dirt road.

Jesse Ray Adams

3 years old

Jesse’s father shot him while the father was on the phone with his estranged wife. The wife told the 911 operator that Jesse’s father made the boy tell her he was going to die.

Many of the children knew their killers.

were allegedly shot by their father.

were allegedly shot by their mother.

were allegedly shot by their sibling.

was allegedly shot by his uncle.

were not related to their alleged killer.

Of these victims, were killed in the Newtown shooting.

In incidents, the child's relationship to the shooter is not clear.

Kamya Denise Robinson

2 years old

Kamya was playing outside with her twin sister when a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting hit her in the chest.

Emma and Richard Rosovich Jr.

4 years old and 17 months old

Emma and Richard’s mother shot them each three times after her boyfriend threatened to leave her, police said.

Jorge Duran

3 years old

Jorge’s father shot the child’s mother in her home, then ran with the toddler to a nearby townhouse. He fired more shots there, including one that killed the boy. Police then killed the father.

Mental illness played a role in more than two-thirds of the killings, while random violence and stray bullets killed 22 children.

In deaths, the alleged shooter had mental health issues.

killings were random violence, drive-by shootings or neighborhood gun battles.

other children were killed.

Carlton Stringer Jr.

6 months old

A man allegedly killed Carlton's mother and her roommate before shooting the infant in the head. Carlton’s father discovered the child’s body lying on his side.

Julia and Luke Schuster

10 and 6 years old

A man kicked in the door to Luke and Julia’s house and opened fire, killing the two children, their grandmother and their 13-year-old brother, Benjamin (pictured). The shooter, who was high on methamphetamine, killed himself later that day.

Khalil Singleton

8 years old

Khalil was playing with a friend in his grandmother’s yard when a bullet from a Saturday afternoon gunfight killed him.

Nearly half of the children were killed in their own home. Five more children were killed in the home of a relative.

children were killed in a home.

children were killed in a school, all at Sandy Hook Elementary.

were killed in a car.

were killed in a playground, yard or park.

were killed in some other location.