Number of applications submitted in each state

151 2,001 5,001 10,001 25,001

Some applicants in California

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Age of applicants, by sex

Application status as of June 30

71.9 percent of all applications have been approved

23.6 percent are still under review

4.5 percent were rejected or denied

Where DACA applicants were born, and where they live now

DACA applicants were born in 192 countries. While individuals from Mexico make up the majority of applicants in most states, states along the East Coast have a more diverse composition. These maps show the percentage breakdown of applicants in each state, by the region where the individual was born.

Percent of applicants in each state,
by region where the applicant was born

0 5 25 65
Born in Mexico

percent of applicants in

Central America

percent in

South America

percent in


percent in


percent in


percent in


percent in

Data not available for Alaska, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia due to low numbers of applicants in those states.

SOURCE: Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. GRAPHIC: The Washington Post. Published Aug. 14, 2013.