Gun suicide and homicide: statistics shaped by race

America’s pattern of gun deaths is split across black and white, with the vast majority of whites dying from suicide and a similar proportion of blacks dying from homicide. A similar split occurs with more homicide in diverse urban cities and more suicide in the rural areas that are predominantly white. Read related article. Note: All charts show age-adjusted rate per 1 million people of each racial group.

Homicide gun deathsIn most states, gun homicides of blacks is much higher than that of whites. D.C. and Missouri show the highest rates in black homicide deaths.

  • Black
  • White

Suicide gun deathsAcross the nation, there are higher rates of gun suicides among whites. Wyoming has the highest rate of white gun suicides.


NOTE: Whites and blacks are non-Hispanic. States with no value had insufficient incidents for calculation of a rate.
SOURCE: Washington Post analysis of Centers for Disease Control mortality data 2008-2010. Gun ownership from Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey 2004.
GRAPHIC: Emily Chow, Dan Keating and Laura Stanton - The Washington Post. Published March 22, 2013.

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