Between 2006 and 2013, the SAT’s market share dropped from 55 percent to 48 percent as it lost share of test takers in 47 states plus Washington, D.C. Traditionally, states were heavily concentrated in either SAT or ACT, with SAT along the coasts and ACT in the middle of the country.

With SAT’s struggles, three states moved from majority-SAT to majority-ACT between 2006 and 2013: North Carolina, Florida and Arizona. North Carolina had the most dramatic drop, going from 84 percent SAT to 38 percent. One state moved from majority-ACT to majority-SAT: Idaho, where the share of test-takers using SAT jumped from 25 percent to 67 percent. The other states where SAT’s share of business increased were Maine and Nevada.

States where the percent of SAT test takers grew

States that flipped from an SAT-dominant state to an ACT-dominant state

Percent of test takers using SAT by state, 2006-2013

All but three states are using the SAT less.

States where the SAT is more prevalent

States where the ACT is more prevalent

SOURCE: ACT and College Board state reports.