The guns

From 1984 to today, mass killers have utilized 22 shotguns, 23 revolvers, 29 rifles and 77 semiautomatic handguns. According to Mother Jones, more than three-quarters of these had been legally purchased.

HG111 DD94 HG103 SS156 GL155 SS11 GL33 GL61 GL93 GL93 GL10 SW44 RG60 FE102 ST98 HG105 RG91 IT118 IT117 SS157 CT116 SW153 SW100 SW50 RG97 CA99 SW45 SW32 RM95 M96 SH12 MB51 RG92 SP87 ST88 HP89 BM9 CA46 RM62 RG101 IT90 BR1 GL3 DR65 DR5 HG6 GL13 GL17 GL17 SA14 GL16 HG19 HG21 CA78 SW23 HG20 RG31 SP25 HG22 RV72 GL29 HK24 RG30 BR36 FN34 HP43 HP39 IT132 RV81 SS42 GL49 GL41 SP54 WP48 SH58 BR63 RT75 RV106 HR83 RG55 BR64 LC79 RV108 SW59 RG68 GL107 R127 GL80 RG82 CT85 GL86 BR137 MG37 CT149 RG109 RA84 LL119 HG112 TR123 ST135 CT148 GL124 RG125 RG143 SAH147 TR133 SG130 CT26 SW136 BR151 SW140 SG129 RG52 WIN56 SK74 BM57 BR53 AR47 RG66 RM40 WIN38 WIN69 SP35 RF67 AK27 AK28 RM73 WIN71 AK77 WIN76 AK131 AK134 RG142 MS141 BN138 RG145 WIN144 UZ152 WIN150 M126 RG122 RF120 SH121 SH113 SH114 SW15 MK110 AK104 RG115 RM18 SH7 RF4 RM2 RV128

The killers

In December 2012 in Newtown, Conn., a 20-year-old with a history of mental problems shot his mother dead at their home then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Once inside he opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults before committing suicide. Mental health issues have been noted in many of the killers, shown here at the time of their attacks.

The victims

More than half of the mass killers of the last 30 years possessed assault weapons or high- capacity magazines, according to Mother Jones. High-capacity magazines allow a gun to fire without the need to reload, maximizing damage, increasing body count and minimizing risk to the shooter. Below is a look at the numbers of dead and wounded.

’14 ’12 2010 ’08 ’06 ’04 ’02 2000 ’98 ’96 ’94 ’92 1990 ’88 ’86 1984 ’14 ’12 2010 ’08 ’06 ’04 ’02 2000 ’98 ’96 ’94 ’92 1990 ’88 ’86 1984 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE KILLED WOUNDED WITH NO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE UNCLEAR

Killers by age and race

Almost 65 percent of the killers were white, which is comparable to their share of the population. More than 16 percent of the killers were black, slightly higher than their 12 percent share of the population. Only 6 percent of the killers were Hispanic, well below the approximately 17 percent of the total population share. And only two, less than 3 percent, have been women.

1984 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2014 60 to 70 years old 50 to 59 40 to 49 30 to 39 20 to 29 10 to 19 *Women WHITE BLACK HISPANIC ASIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN AND UNKNOWN 18 mass shootings 16 mass shootings 34 mass shootings

NOTE: Mother Jones mass data contain both mass and spree shootings of more than four people. The FBI defines mass murder as the murder of four or more people during an event with no cooling-off period between the murders, and a spree killer is someone who kills victims in a short time in multiple locations. "Guns used" may include firearms belonging to the shooter that were not used at the crime scene but later recovered elsewhere by investigators. SOURCE: Mother Jones — A Guide to Mass Shootings in America, and news reports.