The battle over the 2014 budget

For the first time in nearly a century, a presidential budget request has landed on the steps of the Capitol after the House and Senate approved their own competing visions. See how President Obama's proposal stacks up with the House and Senate blueprints, as well as those floated by the more liberal and conservative wings of both parties. Read related article.

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The Republican plans would balance the budget over 10 years by cutting spending. Deficits remain under the Democratic plans, albeit lower than they would be under current policy.

Deficits, in billions (hover on the lines for details)

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Government debt would continue to swell under the Obama and other Democratic proposals. It would level off under the House proposal and drop under the more conservative plan.

Debt projections, in trillions (hover on the lines for details)

How the plans stack up over 10 years

See how different types of spending and revenue would increase or decrease under each of the plans compared to current projections.

    Budget proposal

    over next 10 years

    Spending over
    next 10 years

    *Obama's plan is compared to the OMB baseline. The others are compared to CBO's baseline. Due to different economic assumptions, it would be inappropriate to compare both to the same baseline.

    SOURCES: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, CBO, House Budget Committee, Senate Budget Committee, Republican Study Committee, Economic Policy Institute.
    GRAPHIC: Wilson Andrews, Kat Downs, Dylan Matthews and Karen Yourish - The Washington Post.
    Published April 1, 2013. Updated April 10, 2013.

    Breaking down the 2014 budget

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