Republicans win national midterm wave

Republicans won more elusive midterm votes

Fewer voters show up for midterm elections than in presidential years. The chart below shows which party did better in matching its presidential vote in states with Senate races.

Higher Democrat retention

Democrats got closer to their 2012 turnout levels eight times, winning half of those races.

Close retention

In races where both parties had essentially the same midterm dropoff, Republicans won four races and Democrats won three.

Higher Republican retention

Republicans got closer to presidential-size turnout 18 times, winning 14 of those Senate seats.

Note: * denotes a special election.

SOURCE: Associated Press election results. GRAPHIC: Dan Keating, Katie Park and Kevin Schaul. Published November 6, 2014.

Few races were close

Although many of the Senate elections were hard fought, only four ended up being close: North Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia and Louisiana. In the House, only a handful of the 435 races were close, with many representatives re-elected without even a contest. Complete results.

Senate races

House races

SOURCE: Associated Press election results. Races where candidates ran unopposed, the race was too close to call or resulted in runoffs are not shown.

Key House Races

Key Senate Races

Obama third president in a row to lose House and Senate

The Republican takeover of the Senate defines the new pattern of frequent reversals in control of Congress. It was the sixth flip of Senate control since Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution took it from Democrats during Bill Clinton’s first midterm election in 1994.

Republicans took both chambers from Democrats during Clinton’s term. Democrats regained both chambers during George W. Bush’s term, and now Republicans have done the same during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Republican control of chamber

Democratic control of chamber






SOURCES: United States House of Representatives, United States Senate. GRAPHIC: Lazaro Gamio, Dan Keating, Katie Park, Kennedy Elliott, Kevin Schaul - The Washington Post.

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