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Final exit poll results from interviews with 19,441 randomly selected voters as they exited voting places across the country on Tuesday, Nov. 4, including telephone interviews with early voters. The poll was conducted by Edison Media Research for the National Election Pool, The Washington Post and other media organizations. Results in Georgia are based on 3,104 interviews; the sample size is 3,176 in Iowa and 2,797 in North Carolina. Both national and state-level surveys include multiple versions of the questionnaire with different non-demographic questions (i.e. whether Obama is a factor on one’s vote). For these questions, the national sample size is roughly 3,900 and state samples are roughly 1,000. The margin of sampling for typical characteristics (i.e. vote percentage by sex or age group) is 3 to 4 percentage points in the national survey and 5-6 points in state-level surveys. The sampling error is larger for groups that make up a smaller share of the electorate. For additional questions on exit poll methodology, please e-mail polls@washpost.com.

POLLING: Scott Clement and Peyton M. Craighill. GRAPHIC: Emily Chow - The Washington Post. Published Nov. 4, 2014. Updated: Nov. 5, 2014.