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Number of providers (2008):

Number of abortions (2009):

Existing requirements

Abortions banned:

Ultrasound required:

Counseling required:

Provider regulations:

Proposed legislation

Abortion regulations in the U.S.

Number of providers (2008): 1,793

Number of abortions (2009): 784,507

Existing requirements

Restrictions on later-term abortions exist in 40 states.

Ultrasounds are required in 11 states.

Counseling is required in 37 states.

Provider regulations exist in 28 states.

Proposed legislation

Restrictive abortion legislation has been introduced in 32 states.

Restrictive abortion legislation has been enacted in 9 states.

SOURCE: The Guttmacher Institute, Center for Disease Control, "Abortion Incidence and Access to Services In the United States, 2008" by Rachel K. Jones and Kathryn Kooistra. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health.