Federal Budget 2012

A look at the president's budget proposals for fiscal 2012

Washington Post opinions

Republicans in the House have come up with budget cuts that do little to rein in the deficit but would severely harm programs they have long disliked."

Budget 2012: Agency analysis

Post reporters are scouring the president's budget request and posting their analysis for each agency. They are also marking up the budget document itself with key changes and other findings.

Budget 2012: Deja vu all over again

The players are different and the numbers are larger but the playbook is the same.

The Budget: Agency by agency

Agriculture Department

Commerce Department

Defense Department

Education Department

Energy Department


Health and Human Services Department

Homeland Security Department

Housing and Urban Development Department

Interior Department

Justice Department

Labor Department


Social Security Administration

State Department

Transportation Department

Treasury Department

Veterans Affairs Department

Budget gives postal service relief

Obama's proposed 2012 budget attempts to remedy the perilous financial condition of the USPS.

House GOP lights into Lew

House Republicans lit into OMB chief Jacob Lew Tuesday morning, demanding to know why Obama failed to take the advice of his own deficit commission.

GOP plan means pain now, not later

House Republicans want to cut $61 billion from the budget, the most significant cuts in a generation.


Interactive graphic:
Examining presidential budgets


Here's a look at how President Obama's federal spending compares to his recent predecessors, and how presidential priorities have shifted over time.

Why form a debt commission?
Budget skirts asked-for advice

Many of the major proposals made by the president's 18-member "debt commission" were not included in the 2012 budget.

In third year, Obama proposes
a more modest course

For now, it seems the big legislative presidency is over. The proposals Obama and his team unveiled in his State of the Union address last month and the 2012 budget Monday show a more modest, incremental approach.

Indiana Gov. Daniels looks at 2012 and decries a 'new red menace'

At this year's CPAC, Daniels talked about what he called the "new red menace," the sea of red ink in Washington that he argued is the greatest threat to the United States' future.


Archived coverage of President Obama's 2011 budget proposals


Complete coverage of the president's 2011 budget blueprint including analysis, interactive graphics and agency-by-agency breakdowns.