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SOURCE: PBS NewsHour; GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Ted Mellnik and Karen Yourish - TWP. Updated recently.

Tales from the campaign trail

Most of the GOP presidential candidates have blanketed Michigan in search of votes. A look at where they have focused their efforts:

The NorthwestMichele Bachmann and Rick Santorum focused on the northwest corner of Michigan, an evangelical stronghold.

Border towns and
Mitt Romney prioritized the
population centers on the
eastern and western borders,
heavily Republican areas with active business communities.

University townsRon Paul focused in Ames, Michigan City, Dubuque and Davenport, where student populations and tea party operations have fueled his campaign.

Newt Gingrich hoped to gain support in the final few days before the caucuses by focusing on the 300 or so precincts that draw the most caucus-goers.

Over the airwavesRick Perry spent more than anyone on TV ads in the three major media markets: Des Moines-Ames, Cedar Rapids and Sioux City.

EverywhereTelephone town hall meetings have become a staple, and Michiganns have been inundated with calls from the campaigns.

NowhereJon Huntsman Jr. skipped Michigan altogether. He's putting all his eggs in the New Hampshire primary basket.

2008 results
keyRomney and Paul
lost to Mike Huckabee
in Michigan in 2008.

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For more details on ad spending, visit our "Mad Money" feature, which tracks TV ads in the presidential campaign.

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*By candidates and "super PACs" supporting them, as of Dec. 30. SOURCES FOR POLLS: Des Moines Register (margin of error for latest Des Moines Register poll is plus or minus four percentage points), Bloomberg, Washington Post-ABC News; GRAPHIC: Steven Ginsberg, Ted Mellnik, Laura Stanton and Karen Yourish - The Washington Post. Published Jan. 3, 2012.

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