Solyndra scandal timeline

Key events in the rise and fall of the bankrupt solar company. Click on the icons to see the relevant Solyndra documents.

Solyndra is formed.
Dec. 2006
Solyndra applies for government-guaranteed loan under Bush administration.
Feb. 2009
Solyndra CEO suggests energy secretary help showcase company.
March 2009
Solyndra wins conditional loan under DOE program.
July 2009
DOE staffer criticizes Chu for implying Solyndra has already won loan.
Aug. 2009
White House aide pushes OMB for final decision on Solyndra loan.
Sept. 2009
OMB approves loan; Biden and Chu appear at groundbreaking three days later.
March 2010
Auditors raise concerns about whether Solyndra can continue operating.
March 24
Obama donor warns White House about president visiting Solyndra.
March 26
Obama visits Solyndra, touts it as model of clean tech and job creation.
Dec. 2010
Solyndra executives learn that the company is out of cash.
Jan. 2011
OMB staffers warn Solyndra rescue with public money is politically "risky".
Jan. 2011
Solyndra execs confide to administration that they are on brink of liquidation.
Feb. 2011
DOE helps Solyndra with refinancing; investors put in an additional $75M.
Aug. 31, 2011
Solyndra shuts down, lays off most workers.

SOURCE: Staff reports. GRAPHIC: Carol Leonnig, Joe Stephens, Sisi Wei and Amanda Zamora - The Washington Post. Published December 2011.