Views from Washington

Campaign 2012: The view beyond the beltway

We’re just nine months away from the next presidential election. As Washington fixates on the campaign, we want to know what the mood is like in your part of the country. Polls have underscored voters’ disconnect with -- and anger toward -- official Washington. So we figured we ought to get out of our Washington and come to yours.

There are more than 90 cities and towns across the country
that have ‘Washington’ in their names.

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City StateType of place

Incorporated Place: A type of governmental unit incorporated under state law as a city, town (except the New England states, New powers, and functions. (except in Alaska and New York), or village and having legally prescribed limits, York, and Wisconsin), borough powers, and functions.

What’s the view in _______?

Fill in the blank! Tell us what the view is like where you live by sending us your Tweets and photos. We will share your stories with our readers as the series continues. To participate, please include:

  • 1. The hashtag #ViewsFrom (including this gives us permission to publish your comment or photo on our site)
  • 2. Your zip code (so we can map your view)
  • 3. An explanation of your view — what is the state of jobs, health care, schools, government services or anything else on your mind in your community? If you send us a photo, include this in your caption.

For example: “Washington, D.C., is all Herman Cain all the time. #ViewsFrom #20071.”

Photos of your view

If you use Flickr or Instagram, tag your photos with #ViewsFrom and your zipcode as a hashtag (example: #20071). In Flickr, you can do this in the tags field. In Instagram, use the caption/comment field to add your tags. Remember both tags and make sure your photos are set to be viewed publicly or we will not receive them.

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