Olympic athletes: Unique physiology of Missy Franklin makes her exceptionally fast

Olympic hopeful swimmer Missy Franklin, 16, discusses her unique body and how it helps her excel in the pool while preparing for London in 2012.
Read the article, see how Franklin was built for speed or see more in this series on speed.

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Article: Built for speed


Swimmer Missy Franklin has size 13 feet and a wide wingspan. Are athletes' bodies evolving to the point where what you're born with eclipses what you do with it?

Graphic: Body of work


If you were to build a swimmer from scratch, you'd start with a physique like Missy Franklin's, according to two professors who study the biomechanics of swimming.

Series: Profiles in Speed

Profiles in Speed

Speed will be a defining theme of the 2012 Olympic Games. How do athletes continue to get faster? What are the keys to speed, and increasing it?