Who is attending

  • Not invited to the summit

Leaders of only a few African countries were not invited to the summit: the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The presidents of Liberia and Sierra Leone are at home dealing with the Ebola virus outbreak.

Political regime

  • Democratic
  • Other, including countries controlled by elites who compete for power
  • Autocratic, or governed by one person with absolute power

The type of political regime tells whether political power rests on widespread participation or is wielded by only one person or a few. More-democratic regimes often are associated with broader personal freedom, as well as increased economic mobility.

Business climate

How Africa* compares to the world

The ease of doing business ranks countries on how favorable the regulatory environment is to business activities. Lower ranks are more conducive to business.

Gay rights

  • Criminalized and punishable by the death penalty
  • Criminalized
  • Not criminalized
  • Not criminalized and same-sex marriage is legal

According to the Human Rights Watch, the majority of countries in Africa have passed laws to criminalize same-sex relationships, with some countries allowing the death penalty.