Univision poll

Catholics around the world more liberal than the Vatican

Surveys in 12 countries with some of the largest Roman Catholic populations around the globe reveal a membership unified in their love of Pope Francis, but in broad disagreement with Catholic doctrine on some key social issues. See the full results or read related article.


Q: How would you rate the job that Pope Francis has been doing since he was elected Pope earlier this year – excellent, good, mediocre, or poor?

80 percent or more in 11 of the 12 countries surveyed give positive ratings to the Pope. He rates lower among Mexican Catholics at 70 percent.


Q: Do you agree or disagree with Catholic Church policy that says: “An individual who has divorced and remarried outside of the Catholic Church, is living in sin which prevents them from receiving Communion”?

58 percent of Catholics overall disagree with church teaching on divorce, but 75 percent of African Catholics agree with this policy.


Q: Do you think that Catholic priests should be allowed to marry?

Catholics in Europe and the U.S. say priests should be allowed to marry. Latin America divides more closely, with Mexicans far more conservative than others.

Q: Do you think that women should be allowed to become Catholic priests?

Catholics around the world split 45 percent in favor to 51 percent against opening the priesthood to women.


Q: Do you think that abortions should be allowed in all cases, allowed in some cases such as when the life of the mother is in danger, or should it not be allowed at all?

Catholics in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. are at odds with church teaching on abortion. African and Asian Catholics are against abortion.


Q: Do you support or oppose the use of contraceptives?

African Catholics are more closely divided on this, departing from opinions of Filipinos.


Q: Do you support or oppose marriage between two persons of the same sex?

Two-thirds of Catholics around the world oppose gay marriage. Only in the United States and Spain do majorities of Catholics support it.

Note: No opinion results not shown. SOURCE: This global poll of Catholics was conducted by Bendixen & Amandi Internation for Univision. Representative surveys conducted in 12 countries with the largest concentrations of Catholics, accounting for 61 percent of the world's Catholic population. Surveying from Dec. 18, 2013 to Jan. 15, 2014 in the native language on landlines and cell phones or in-person. At least 1000 interviews were conducted in each country with results having a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for each country. Full results and exact question wording and order is available at here. Published Feb. 9, 2014.