Surviving Ebola

Article by Lenny Bernstein, Photography by Michel du Cille, Published: December 7, 2014

Recovering from one of the most fearsome infections known to humankind should provide a time of unsurpassed joy. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

More than 3,100 Liberians have died of Ebola. But against long odds, some fortunate people have overcome the virus. They have been granted one precious gift, something even modern medicine cannot convey: immunity to this strain of the disease.

This is what it’s like to survive the worst Ebola outbreak in history.


Editor's Note: This story has been updated to remove a profile and picture of Stephen Kpoto, whose account of being an Ebola survivor was challenged shortly after the article was published. Subsequent research by The Post revealed that there are no records of a Stephen Kpoto receiving treatment in ELWA 2, the Ebola treatment center near Monrovia where he said he recovered. After repeatedly standing by his account, Kpoto acknowledged in January 2015 that he was not a survivor. "I was not (Ebola) positive,” Kpoto said. “I am very sorry that the story I told was not the rightful story."

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