A struggle for moderation

Paths to Jihad

In India, one young Muslim woman quietly battles extremism.
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» PHOTOS: Rejecting violent jihad in India

Abdul's journey

Abdul Qadir Mohammed embraced a messianic brand of Islam that today drives a brutal struggle for power and identity in the Horn of Africa.

American Jihad

Sharif Mobley is one of a growing cadre of native-born Americans who are drawn to violent jihad, seeking out "bad actors" before leaving the United States.

Young Russians turn to Islam

A generation of Russians are finding, in religion, an alternate authority, and joining a global community.

    The online extremist

    For months, a radical young Muslim convert waged war online, championing violent jihad from his computer in Northern Virginia.

About this series

The articles in this series explore choices made by young Muslims who have come of age in a turbulent decade. Even in places far removed from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and their aftermath have brought new prominence to the Islamic concept of jihad, or struggle. Whether violent or peaceful, these paths to jihad are shaping a new generation.

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The Washington Post, Dec. 23, 2010.

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