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The Spirit of St. Louis Eclipses Maris
Mark McGwire now stands alone. McGwire hit his 62nd home run of the year Sept. 8, besting Roger Maris's 37-year-
old record of 61 homers in a season. McGwire would finish the season with a flurry – and a new record of 70 homers.

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Mark McGwire
The swing that launched his 62nd home run and put Mark McGwire ahead of Roger Maris. (John Gaps/AP)

Sammy Sosa is carried by his Chicago teammates after hitting his 62nd home run Sept. 13. (AP File Photo)

Sosa Briefly Takes Lead at 66
On Sept. 25, Sammy Sosa pulled ahead of Mark McGwire when he hit his 66th homer against Houston's Jose Lima. McGwire would move on, while Sosa finished with 66 homers.

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 There's No Eclipsing Ruth
Babe Ruth's larger-than-life image lives on. His fame was not eclipsed in 1961 by Roger Maris, so don't expect his stature in baseball annals to be diminished by the achievements of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

McGwire's Season for the Ages
We may never see another record as stunning as Mark McGwire's 70 home run season. Take another look. Note: To view this page you will need Macromedia's Shockwave Flash plug-in, which is available here.


Sept. 28: Sosa Gets Extra Day, Stays at 66

Sept. 27: McGwire Ends With a Bang

Sept. 26: Pastime Back in Full Swing

Sept. 23: With 2 Blasts, Sosa Draws Even

Sept. 22: Title Is Conceded to McGwire

Sept. 18: McGwire Regains Lead at 64

Sept. 16: Reaching 63 in Grand Style

Sept. 15: McGwire Pinch Hits for 63rd

Sept. 13: Sosa Blasts Two to Get to 62

Sept. 12: With 60th, Sosa Makes History

Sept. 11: Cubs Lose as Sosa Hits His 59th

Sept. 8: McGwire Passes Maris With 62nd

Sept. 7: McGwire Swings Into History

Sept. 5: 'Big Mac' Ties Ruth With 60 Homers

Sept. 5: With Two, Just One Away

Sept. 1: McGwire Breaks NL Record

A Timeless Feel to Baseball's Final Weekend
There was no letting up for Mark McGwire in 1998. During the final weekend of the season, he hit five home runs, to finish with 70. It was a slugging display that could hardly be explained, writes The Post's Thomas Boswell.

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